Monday, March 31, 2014

Cover Reveal: Cursed and Coveted by Catharina Shields

Title: Cursed and Coveted

Author: Catharina Shields
Release Date: March 30, 2014
Genre: Paranormal Romance

This 128,000+ word length novel is one of the longest I've ever written. This is a story about a seemingly unremarkable young woman who believes herself to be cursed by an ancient Egyptian spell and who falls for a man who is in every which way out of her league. Toss in some fictional and non-fictional Egyptology-based werewolves and werecats, the Louisiana Bayou, mystery, and a steamy "geek girl meets jock" romance and you have "Cursed & Coveted", a paranormal erotic romance.

Excerpt from Cursed and Coveted:
Against all reason, against everything she knew and the dangers she was exposing herself to, Jaydee pressed tighter to him. A soft moan rumbled up from somewhere deep inside her as she surrendered to her heart and to the smoldering desires of her body. It was wrong, she knew, to take advantage of him while he was most likely under Bastet’s influence. But her soul cried out to be held and loved, and the chances of her ever being with someone like Jean-Marcel should she not take it now was next to nil. So why deny herself? Besides, it was only a matter of time before Bastet would rise and she would be the first casualty in this ancient battle. For the brief time she had left as Jaydee Jamison, she wanted her last thoughts to be of love and belonging, not of fear and loneliness.

With this resolve, she surrendered and kissed him back with all of the passion of her heart, igniting his passion instantaneously. He grabbed her tightly against him, as if he could draw her inside him, and her heart skipped with joy. As he deepened the kiss, she didn’t put up any resistance and welcomed his tongue into her mouth as her arms slipped around his neck and drew him closer.

She pressed tightly against him and immediately felt his arousal grow against her tummy. She couldn’t suppress a sweet shudder when she felt how much he wanted her, too. He carefully removed her glasses and set them aside before she felt his hand return to slide down her back, gripping her behind and pressing her even tighter against his aroused hips. His deep, reverberating groan ignited an inferno that began somewhere deep in her chest and what reverberated down to deep between her thighs.

Jean-Marcel’s head was spinning like never before. Lavender and orchids became the air he breathed, and the sensual feel of Jaydee against him created an insatiable hunger for much, much more. He had fought valiantly with himself, told himself to keep away from her, but it proved impossible. The attraction was too powerful.

His lips twisted over hers in a hungered kiss. She responded with equal desire, inflaming his lust and passion a few degrees higher. His head whirled as visions of Jaydee naked beneath him flashed across his mind, and he felt his erection throb painfully for her. He didn’t waste any time and swept her up in his arms, impatient to make her his, and carried her upstairs to his bedroom and his bed . . .

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