Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Review: Desperately Seeking Suzanna by Elizabeth Michels

Title: Desperately Seeking Suzanna (Tricks of the Ton, #2)
Author: Elizabeth Michels
Genre: Historical Romance
Length: Novel
Reviewed by: CaroleDee

Rating- 3
Sexual- 2

Cinderella meets I Love Lucy in this charming Regency romance

Lord Steelings, is a charming rake and the life of every party. He always has a joke to tell and a smile on his face, all masking a dark secret. If London society knew of his mentally ill mother hidden away in the country, he wouldn’t be welcome at a single ton event.

Sue Greene has never been noticed. The older sister of an exotic beauty, she’s spent her life being pushed to the side. When she has the chance to attend a masquerade ball, she seizes the opportunity. If she had only known donning a mask would change her life…

This was a fairly cute story. I'm not so sure about the Cinderella comparison. (Although, Sue's mom was a pretty big *B*)

I went through highs and lows while reading it.I wish the author would have elaborated on Sue's character a bit more. A lot of what I learned about her was just surface information. I never really felt like I got to know her personality. Holden's situation was something I hadn't read in a historical romance before. It was actually refreshing to read about a different kind of 'emotionally scarred' hero. The situation with his mother definitely didn't go where I thought it was going, so that was a nice surprise as well.

Unfortunately, in it's entirety I just didn't LOVE it. Most of the characters were just sooooo dumb and shallow at times. (I'm talking about the characters that you're supposed to like) It really started to grate on my nerves toward the middle of the book.

Just note that if you're the type of person that doesn't mind that NO ONE notices that Superman is just Clark Kent minus the glasses then you'll be good with this story. If it bugs you, like it does me, then you might want to save yourself a load of eye rolling and skip it :)

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