Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Review: Dyed and Gone by Beth Yarnall

Title: Dyed and Gone (An Azalea March Mystery #1)
Author: Beth Yarnall
Source: Entangled Select
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Comedy
Length: Novel
Release Date: March 25, 2014
Reviewed by: Jasmyn

Rating - 5
Sexual - 2

Hairstylist Azalea March is looking forward to a wild weekend in Las Vegas with her
friends. Oh, sure, they’re supposed to be there on business, attending the biggest hair show on the west coast, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a little fun. But fun quickly turns to drama. On the first morning of the show, Dhane, the biggest celeb of the hair-styling world, is found dead. As it urns out Azalea’s friend, Vivian, not only knew Dhane, but the tale she weaves of how they met is faker than a showgirl’s uh… assets. When Vivian confesses to the murder and is arrested, Azalea knows there’s no way she could have done it and suspects Vivian may be trying to protect someone. But who?

Azalea now has to convince Alex, the sexy detective from her past, to help her prove Vivian’s innocence and comb through clues more twisted than a spiral perm. But the truth is stranger than anything found on the Las Vegas Strip, and proving Vivian’s innocence turns out to be more difficult than transforming a brunette into a blonde.

Dyed and Gone was everything it promised me.  It was funny, romantic, and touching with just a dash of suspense mixed in with the mystery.  Azalea March has some memorable friends with her when she goes to Vegas to a hair styling convention.  The most memorable was Juan Carlos - I had to stop writing quotes of his down when I realized I was pulling one from every scene he was in - it was priceless.  There were times he almost stole the show from Azalea.  Now Azalea was written in the most perfect way I think it could have been done.  She was a real person!!!  She wasn't perfect, but her quirks and attitude made me love her so much.  But when Dhane (a big wig in the hair community) is found dead, her curiosity gets the best of her and she just has to know who-dun-it.  And so our story begins.

Along the way we meet a host of very, very, very strange characters.  But there was something about the way they were written and something about the way Azalea just went with it that made them seem almost part of everyday life (maybe they are for her).  So she follows the bread crumbs and lands in a heap of trouble herself.  Super sexy cop, Alex, has to come to her rescue several times, but as long as he gets a date out of it he doesn't mind.

This was an incredibly humorous contemporary romance that will hit the spot for a multitude of genres.  I love that it's a series because I must see more of Azalea (and hopefully Juan Carlos, too).

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*

Psst...don't tell Laurie, but at the time of posting this it was only 99cents on Amazon - go grab it while you can I have no idea when it will go back up.

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