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Blog Tour: Before the Storm by Claire Ashgrove Guest Post

Halle Rhoads has a terrifying gift--she can kill with the fury of the storm.

She should have known that kind of power wouldn't go unnoticed. Thrust into a world full of dark magic with a handsome stranger who claims he can teach her, she struggles to master her abilities and stumbles onto a dangerous truth. She's a windwalker, the chosen vessel of the ancient dragons who once ruled the world. Many will stop at nothing to possess the power in her blood, should they discover her secret. With necromancers hunting her and Halle's closest allies guarding secrets, mastering her magic becomes a matter of necessity.

But accepting her destiny is altogether different. For doing so means she must sacrifice everything
We would like to welcome Claire Ashgove and her new book Before the Storm - recently reviewed on Bitten by Romance HERE.  She's here to share with us just what makes a hero.  To visit more stops on her tour see the tour schedule HERE.

What Makes A Hero?

Hi everybody!  Thanks for letting me stop in today and share my new Urban Fantasy, Before the Storm!   I thought we’d talk heroes for a minute or two.

Three Things That Define A Hero

1.  Noble – This doesn’t mean he hails from royalty.  But at the heart of what he is, the decisions he makes are noble.  Usually this involves some degree of self-sacrifice, and that only makes him more appealing.  Particularly if that sacrifice somehow ties into bettering the heroine.

2.  Courageous – He may not be physically fighting off the bad guys, but he’s unafraid to tackle life head on.  He doesn’t wait for the world to act upon him, rather he acts upon the world.  He’s unafraid, but not foolishly risky.  He believes he can conquer any obstacle, and at the very least, he’s willing to give it a try.  Even better, when he’s defending the heroine, be that from the creepy creature intent on tearing out her heart or killing the spider that’s in her bathtub.

3.  Handsome In His Own Right – He doesn’t need to be model perfect or turn every feminine head.  But there’s something about him – maybe it’s his manner of acting, or the simple light shining in his eyes – that is irresistible.  Even his scars can be attractive when tempered with the right attitude.  

So all that said, here’s a quick list of my Top 5 Favorite Fiction Heroes.  I’d love to know your thoughts (and your five!) if you’d share them in the comments below!

            a.  Dr. Ethan Powell (from Instinct, played by Sir Anthony Hopkins) 
            b.  Kvothe (from The Name of the Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss)
            c.  Aragorn (from LOTR)
            d.  Hatter (from Alice, miniseries)      
            e.  Ranulf Fitz Hugh (from Defy Not the Heart, by Johanna Lindsey)

Thanks again for having me today!  I can’t wait to hear your responses.  There are so many amazing heroes in romance, and fiction, it’s bound to be entertaining. 

About Claire Ashgrove
Building on a background of fantasy game design, a fascination with history, and a lifetime love of books, award-winning author Claire Ashgrove brings to life action-filled, passionate journeys of the heart. Her paranormal series, The Curse of the Templars, marries the history of the Knights Templar with the chilling aspirations of the most unholy--a must-read for speculative fiction fans. She also writes as the National Bestselling Author Tori St. Claire and historical romance author Sophia Garrett.

In her non-writing time, she’s runs Finish The Story, a full-scale editing house co-founded with Bryan Thomas Schmidt.  She lives in Missouri and enjoys cooking, studying ancient civilizations, and spending downtime with her two sons and too-many horses, cats, and dogs.

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