Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Calling All Authors: New Feature - A Day in the Life

Bitten by Romance is looking for authors to participate in our newest feature: A Day in the Life.  If your characters have an interesting story or random event they would like to share with our readers, please tell us about it!  The day can be about anything (but if it’s holiday related we will post near the holiday).  Does you werewolf have a problem with the grocery store buying vegetable for his lady love?  How did her mother react when the alien came home for the holidays?  Is it nice to have a wizard help hang your Christmas lights?  How did it go when she introduced BOTH her boyfriends to the family?  These are just some ideas that were tossed around – we know you will have many more.  

If you would like to share a day in the life of your character just send your post to and I will take a look and get it posted.  Please include "Day in the Life" in your email subject so I know to grab it.  Graphics (including book covers) and any links you would like added to the post should also be included/attached in the message.  We look forward to hearing more about your characters!

Past Day in the Life Posts

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