Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Calling all romance authors for a new called "Woohoo Scenes in Romance" feature

Woohoo Scenes in Romance

The term Woohoo in The Sims is sex. Yep, sex and believe me they do it just about everywhere, I know because I’ve played The Sims for years and my Sims gets pretty racy when it comes to where they have sex.

As a romance reader I love to read books where authors’ pushes sex scenes in racier places like hot tubs, showers, under waterfalls etc, anything different other than a bed. So, this feature is going to be about characters that Woohoo’s in different places besides beds.

If you’re an author and you have a book on where your characters have sex in other places besides the bed, then please email me at bittenbyromance@gmail.com  to get your book featured.

If you have never played The Sims you’re missing out on loads of fun, I can spend hours creating stories with my characters. In 2014 The Sims will be coming out with Sims 4 So, look for The Sims 3 being on sale soon.

Sex scene excerpt of your choice: Full, teaser, or parcel. Basically we want go give readers something to make them drool over. 

Sample"Woohoo scenes in Romance" First up a shower scene with Rukh and Sara in The Djinn's Dilemma by Mina Khan 

Listed below is places The Sims can Woohoo and even if you don't see you sex scene listed please still send your submission.

Time machine 
Hot tub
Actor trailer 
Changing room
Photo booth 
Box of Mystery 
Magical wardrobe 
Fairy house 
Gypsy caravan 
Pile of leaves 
Hot air balloon 
All-in-one bathroom 
Underwater cave 
Resort tower

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