Thursday, April 24, 2014

New monthly feature "What the Heck" were they thinking by Pandora "Head-hopping topic"

Hello everyone, my name is Pandora. How do you like my “What the Heck” look I am sporting? Some of you might think it’s cute but when my human looks at me like this it’s not cute to me’s becauses I know that looks means troubles for me.
 My human Laurie gets this “WTH!” look sometimes when she get's done reading a book. Once I see “That Look” I wants to runs and hides because I know what is going to happen next. She is going to go on a rant about what annoyed her to death in the book she just got done reading and I’m here today to tell you what she was ranting about. Hey, I have to have someone to vent to the other cats gets mad at me’s when I try to tell them.
Today’s “WTH” is wrong with those writers’ starts off with the close of the book Dark Fire by Christine Feehand and normal “WTH” look and then my human started the normal yelling . It was about something called Head-Hopping. Man, my human is so going nuts about this head-hopping thing lately, it seems like every other book has it in it. From what I gathered head-hopping its where one person point of view is cut off in the middle of the chapter by another characters POV. So, let’s say Sally starts the chapter with her POV that chapter should stay her POV until she is done talking. If another POV needs to be added there should be a separation of some kind by a break or dots. Something to let readers know another POV is coming up.
My human says that when another characters POV hops in during another characters that that is interrupting someone and it drives her nuts and believe me I know for sure she hate being interrupted because she gets mad at me when I interrupt her with my meowing whiles she's reading. Anyhow's, then she went on a rant about how she likes staying in one characters mind so she get the full scope of that characters emotions without any interruptions.
I got up late one night and snuck on the computer and found this awesome Head-hopping  article for you guys, it helped me a lots and I's hope it helps you's;)
So, please writers listen to the cat and stay in one characters POV’s and offer a break when another character want to talk, so I can get some nap time without hearings the human rants for a change.
To all of you readers out there the cat wants to know is her gripe is legit?  Do you hate or like head-hopping?



  1. I've learned a great deal being a part of this wonderful Posse. What's it been - going on 4 years now? When Laurie first mentioned head-hopping, I didn't know what she was talking about, but I was very familiar with the concept. I'm not too fond of it, but once again it all depends on the talent of the author and the flow of the story. I'll DNF a book in a heartbeat before I struggle with trying to keep up.

  2. Great WTH look. ;-)

    I am with the human on the head hopping though. If there is something to separate and distinguish the change, I'm fine with it. But random back and forth, no. I've seen it both in unpublished (I run contests and moderate a peer review site) and in published works. I'm not a fan.

    1. Thank you for the complement and thank you for stopping my and reading my cats rant. LOL


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