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Romance and different romance sub-genres

A Romance story main focus is on the characters development of a love affair with each other during the book. The story can have a sub-plot that may not relate to the character love interest. The character must have a “happily ever after” at the ending. If your couple is not happily in love and together at the end of your book, it’s not romance. Romance offers a wide verity of sex heat levels.

Standalone Romance
Standalone romance are the exact same as above. These are novels or novellas that are not part of a series they can be read alone. These book tend to be harder to find because the majority of authors will write books as a series.

Series Romance
Serial romance is the exact same as the first paragraph. These are books in a series meaning the author will write several books with side characters that will eventually find their true love in their own book. These stories can carry cliffhangers with the side characters, never the main hero and heroine. You’ll find some kind of denominator that connects each book in a series be it a location, relationship, family or something that connects each book.  You can find serial romance in just about every sub-genre including erotic romance. Series romance can be novels or novellas.

Serialized Romance
Serialized Romance has the basic bones of a romance as the above section states.  You have the main focus of a romance development of the characters falling in love and a sub-plot line, but you won’t find a traditional “Happy Ever After” at the end. The love story and love affair will be continued through as many books as the author wants to write and they tend to be shorter novellas not your typical novels. The story may end with an optimistic ending or a cliffhanger. These types of books are for readers who would like a change from the traditional HEA.  The author can label them as Serialized Romance part 1, part 2, or part 3, etc.

Erotic Romance
Erotic Romance is the same as the first Romance section above including the “Happy Ever After” at the ending. The major difference here is the way the love affair is written. There might be more than one couple that is having a love affair, meaning a threesome or more. You’ll see more hard core language being use and more taboo sex like BDSM, M/F/M, F/F, M/F. Dark romance that contains rape and or abuse can also be included here is this section. 
Erotic romance is often times confused with the genre called erotica and it should not be because they are not the same.

Erotica does not offer a development of a love affair relationship, nor does it offer “Happy Ever After’s.” These are stories of a character sexual journey. Romance meaning a love affair is not the focus in erotica stories. The basic definition is soft porn.

Paranormal Romance
Paranormal Romance often blends a mix of other sub-genres like mystery, or suspense etc. Their settings can take place in historical, modern, or futuristic times and in the city. Since Romance is the main genre, the stories must have a Happy Ever After ending and the main focus has to be on the romance building between the hero and heroine throughout the book, this focus has to stay above large storyline plots or large world building. The paranormal comes in with character and world building with a mix of either or vampires, shifter, witches, time travel, fay, gods and goddess, mermaids, ghost and the list can go on and on with the different paranormal creatures. 

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