Thursday, May 29, 2014

Graphic Novel Review! : Nemi Vol 1

I know that most of us need to break free of our typical reading genre. This is what happened the first time I broke out thank to a few friends at my local library. 

Title: Nemi  
Author: Lise Myhre
Genre: Graphic Comic Novel
Published by: Titan Books 2003
Reviewed by : Cerridwen


Meet Nemi Montoya, the vegetarian, cynical/romantic, hilariously honest twenty-something goth, in this brand new collection from artist Lise Myhre!

Hang out in the pub with Nemi and her friends, including her flatmate, the blue-haired Cyan; hear her opinions on romance and dating; watch her watch TV in her untidy flat; learn how she feels about birch trees, spiders and blondes; and generally experience the highs and lows of being Nemi in the modern world!

A superstar in her native Norway thanks to the immense success of Nemi— also reprinted in the 1.12 million-circulation UK Metro newspaper — you too can enter Lise Myhre’s witty, wonderful world!

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