Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pandora's feature "What the Heck Were They Thinking" Topless book-club??

 Going topless to make a book sexy?
If you haven’t heard about the topless book club to make book look sexy? Then read the article below and you’ll find out.

Warning if you click on link you will see boobies...

This cat may be a prude but me’s don’t want's to go's to the park and see boobies everywhere. Heck no, and I know neither do the kiddos, so please put the tops back on so’s I can visit the park and my human can read in peace.

Even my Brother Wolverine not impressed, he's still paying with his toy. 

Those ladies better be careful because as hot as the sun in now days they won’t stay out there reading for long before their boobies starts burning MEOWWWSERS… Snort… 

Look topless ladies take some advice from the cat, covers are better than boobies especially if you have covers like this. PUUURRRR Me's can looks at covers like this all day.*Wink, Wink*

Now, for you readers out there, what do you think should all readers go topless to make books sexy or are the books sex without someone adverting it?

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