Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pandora's What the Heck Were Those Authors Thinking?? Feature

Hello everyone, my name is Pandora. How do you like my “What the Heck” look I am sporting? Some of you might think it’s cute but when your human looks at you like this it’s not cute to me’s. I know that looks means troubles for me, I just know at any second she is going to pop and start ranting about her troubles on me. HUMPH.

(This feature is hard for me to write because not every author behaves like this but there are just enough of them out there and they really get under a bloggers skin and it hurts all of us because when they hit one they hit all the other bloggers. So, as you read and you know you’re not one of these author I applaud you and say to you keep up the good work and we’ll keep up reading and reviewing your books. If you are an author that is guilty of doing this stuff take what the cat says seriously.)

My human has been in a bad way for a few months now. There are a few authors out there that wants to fuss and tell bloggers/tour host how to review their books and my human is not having it. Look authors all book review bloggers wants to loves every author’s book but not everyone is going to love your books so get over it and go to the next blogger without telling them what to do. Just becauses a blogger gives you a 3 star or under and not so hot review doesn’t mean the end of the world and it most certainly doesn’t mean you tell that blogger to take off or change the review and another thing just because you help sponsor that blogger don’t threaten to take off your ad if they don’t take off your review. How unprofessional of you.

My human has been around long enough to know how mean authors can get, she has had to quit a few of them. She also knows this drama hurts review bloggers, they can’t deal with this kind of drama and they end up either closing their blog or they only review books they buy. They don’t need drama in their lives. Just think how it would impact your sales if there were no review blogger around and keep that in mind the next time you request a review.

Here is the thing bloggers get nos pays but you know whats? You do, even me a cat knows this much. When that blogger puts up a review people see it and they do buy your books, so you make money even if it’s a bad review. Bloggers do this for the love of reading and you cannot expect them to give out a 4 or 5 start review for something they don’t care for period. You also make the other authors look bad by doing things like this.

To those authors out there who are guilty of this stuff you need to get on your big girl or boy panties and move on without fussing.

Psst... Come closer to hear the cat really good because I’s going to let you in on a secret since some of you are clueless. Running to the other bloggers and asking or complaining about the same thing will get you into trouble. Bloggers do talk to each other they are not all in competition as most of you think, most of them respect each other and they do spread word of mouth. I know my ears hurts from my human screeching to others on the phone or Skype. So, if you can’t handle the bad ratings or reviews get out of the writing world because not every review blogger or reader for that matter, is going to love your book.

Now, everybody go fourth and play nice without fighting. *Snorts*I here’s this from my human all the times ;)

Time for my nap purrrr…


Pandora and her brother lost their mamma at 3 weeks old. They came to live at their present home until they were old enough to find homes but her present family just couldn’t get rid of them. Pandora days are filled with playing with her brother Wolverine and her other cat friends. She is very talkative and loves to be healed while mamma is cooking. Yes, food motivates her. P.S. don’t let her around cookie dough. LOL  

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