Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Review: IMPROPER PROPOSALS (Improper #3) by Juliana Ross

Title:  IMPROPER PROPOSALS (Improper #3)
Author:  Juliana Ross
Source:  NetGalley
Genre:  Historical Romance
Length:  Novella
Rating:  3
Sexual Rating:  4

Reviewed by:  Cynthia (Artemis)
Newly widowed, Caroline Boothroyd passes her days writing a guide for young wives daunted by their
housewifely duties. She takes it to publisher Thomas Cathcart-Ross, who makes the outrageous suggestion that Caroline should instead tackle the subject of marital relations—and, even more shocking, that she should tell women that sex with their husbands can be pleasurable and not a shameful necessity.

Tom's sisters were sent into marriage naive and unworldly. He's willing to risk scandal to help women like them, and Caroline's writing talent provides the means. Remembering her own newlywed nerves, she agrees, despite fears for her reputation.

As Caroline thinks back on her own sexual awakening, she cannot help imagining a sensual future with her compelling publisher. Tom makes her want to write a second chapter of her sexual life. But lust could lead to love, and Caroline never wishes to feel heartbreak again.

I picked this novella up because I was wanting to read a new author of erotic historical romance.  This one just didn't quite make it.  I would call, sexy historical romance.

The story is in the first person:  Caroline's tone is formal and dry, almost to the point of clinical.  Even though there were plenty of times when Caroline dwells on being a widow and her departed husband:  I didn't get the expected heartbreak the blurb alluded too. Caroline knows her place in the world and is contented to be alone and a widow.

Tom is the saving grace of IMPROPER PROPOSALS.  He is the one who leads Caroline on her sexual awakening by having her write a book concerning marital relations. Although the tone of the story doesn't change, the language and sexual encounters between the two of them start to heat things up.

IMPROPER PROPOSALS is part of a series, but can be read as a standalone without any problems.  I'm sure many of you will enjoy this story.  I found it didn't have enough emotion for me.

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