Monday, May 26, 2014

Review: Saved by the Spell By: Casey Keen

 Title: Saved by the Spell

 Author: Casey Keen

 Source: Review Request
 Genre: Paranormal with a bit of Romance 

 Reviewer: Emi

Rating: 5
Sexual Rating: 2

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**
Two worlds in danger. A Grand Witch behind bars. A stunning Werewolf and a devilishly handsome Warlock’s pursuit for her affections. You think you have it bad? Grand Witch Anna Wolfe awakens to find herself imprisoned by Micah, the Prince of Darkness. Micah’s on a quest for world domination—and it’s not just the Netherworld that’s in danger. The human world is threatened as well. Now, it’s up to Anna to escape from Micah's clutches so she can locate The Scholars and an ancient book before both fall into the wrong hands. With a fiercely loyal Werewolf and immensely powerful Warlock by her side, what can go wrong? A lot apparently. If fighting off the Prince of Darkness wasn't enough, Anna’s emotions are a whirlwind, as she battles between what fate demands and what she actually wants.
Saved by the Spell is the second book in the Anna Wolfe Series, and is an excellent second installment in the series. It picks up exactly where we left off and is full of action with a pinch of spice. I love all of the characters in this series, even the villain! I will admit that I am torn between  Roman & Valen, i'm hoping that she'll be with both, lol! Who could possibly decide between a sexy wolf or hot warlock?! While trying to save the world from becoming a playground for the Dark Prince & the Underworld, Anna is also trying to perfect her magical skills, and find the scholars who can help prevent Micah from taking over the world. 
If you are looking for a fun action packed paranormal read, The Anna Wolf Series, I'll be Damned &  Saved by the Spell is definitely the way to go. I absolutely loved both of them, and highly recommend them! 

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