Saturday, May 24, 2014

Shifting my focus on other things besides reading and reveiwing

Hello Everyone

When I started this blog 6 years ago I never would have dreamed it would have grown so much in such a few years. I have seen authors and readers come and go and I have even seen a huge shift in the romance world over the last 6 years. I really feel like everything changes daily as I have too. I feel a great shift in what I do daily and reading and reviewing is not part of my world as much anymore. I really hate to say this but the large shift in romance has really affected me. I just don’t enjoy reading it as much as I use too. I feel like authors don’t put there soul into their books like they did a few years ago. It feels like they want to write a short story publish it and make money or just give it away to readers and to me they are missing out on giving us readers so much more. I want a story I can really lose myself in and over the last year I really haven’t found many authors to be able to achieve that. Most authors seem to skimp out of their story, characters and even villains but what is dishearten the most is the missing romance. I am so glad I kept most of my older books because I am afraid the romance world won’t be the same again. I know some romance writers will keep to the old romance path but most upcoming authors have no clue what romance really is and nor do the readers because they are getting told wrong buy bloggers and other readers who can careless about finding out what books is labeled what before the start promoting. I am sick of the rat race romance and the reading world has become so I am finding myself shifting.

I have always loved animals. I grew up with horses, cows, pigs, cats, dog’s heck we even had a pet raccoon and want to throw my focus more on helping homeless pets. There are so many being put down daily due to over population where people are not responsible pet owner. I have just recently volunteered with two animal rescues groups, and I am helping a couple of Friends pages on Facebook by sharing their homeless cats photos in hopes they get out of the high kill shelters. I just recently got a rescue kitten from a high kill shelter and opened a blog for her to help people become more aware of the situation I still love reading but I really feel the pull to help homeless cats in a large way. Some of you may be noticing the strong cat influence taking over on out Facebook page and that is totally my fault but it doesn’t help that I own 6 cats LOL.

Jasmyn is picking up on most of the load right now along with Emi. Caoledee is moving, Cynthia just started a job after years of being at home, so like me they are posing when they can.

As of right now the review request is still closed. We got overloaded and they need time to catch up.

I have a book shelf full of books I bought over 4 years ago and I hope I can find some enjoyment with them and if I do I will make sure I post a short review so you can find a good romance book too. I will be keeping up the features on the blog when an author submits them and Pandora feature will still be continuing because believe me I have a lot of rants in the reading world. I will also be posting my random things on Facebook and keep up with my featured articles in hops someone will listen so I will still be around hooping authors will come back to writing the real deal again. 

So, for now go fourth and keep reading and hoping to find that perfect book you never want to put down.  Laurie 

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