Friday, August 8, 2014

Cover Reveal: Alpha Wolf's Pet by Eva Gordon

Title: Alpha Wolf's Pet (Hidden #1)
Author: Eva Gordon
Genre: Paranormal Romance

I love Eva Gordon's books.  Her Apocalyptic Moon series is amazing - I love her characters and I'm really looking forward to this new series coming out.

Mia’s testimony against Russian mobsters forced her to enter the witness protection program. She is relocated to a quaint cottage in Wolf Woods, near Mt. Rainier, far from everyone and everything she loved and cared for. All is calm, until she meets Dominic, the gorgeous ruggedly handsome owner of the mysterious Wolfe Estate. He is all alpha male, domineering, and controlling. The last thing she needs is to get involved with a sexy control freak.

Alpha werewolf, Dominic Wolfe, is the packs’ enforcer. When an attractive young woman moves into a cottage near his territory; his senses are heightened to obsessive proportions. A human pet to meet his desires.

Dominic is determined to unveil Mia’s real identity while keeping his own securely hidden. Haunted by the howls and shrieks coming from Dominic’s estate, Mia wonders if she can really trust the enigmatic man she suspects of wanting a dominant-submissive relationship. A man who brings out her darker desires.
Will hidden danger keep them from gratifying their burning passion?

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  1. Sounds completely animalistic. In a good way. Congrats on the new cover!.Very pretty! Best wishes. This seems to be a really hot genre right now!

  2. I think it looks and sound fantastic. I will be looking for this one too.


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