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Review: Death is a Bitch by Cate Masters

Title: Death is a Bitch
Author: Cate Masters
Source: Author Request
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novella
Release Date: August 1, 2012
Reviewed by: Jasmyn

Rating - 5
Sexual - 3

Eternity can suck when it’s all work, work, work. Death harvests souls even when they
stack up faster than pancakes in an all-you-can-eat-buffet.

As the patron angel of death and dying, Azrael works closely with Death, but is dying for true intimacy. She’s the only immortal who’s ever aroused such powerful emotions in him. One taste of her leaves him needing her like humans need air and food, but will a demon’s lies leave a bad taste?

No one escapes Death – except King Sisyphus. Twice. With the help of Damien the demon, Sisyphus tries again, and she’s determined to have justice. Some say Death’s a bitch, but only when she has to be. But will the price of justice be a broken heart?
Death is a bitch - for real.  But what else could you expect from a work-a-holic harvester of souls.  Azrael wants her to relax and have some fun, some fun with him that is.  Death was a great character and I loved seeing it portrayed as a female.  I don't think I'd ever seen that before.  Death is all business.  She loves her job.  Comforting the good souls as they pass and catching the ones that don't think it's really their time.  The only draw back is Damien.  The demon that tries to barter with the souls.  He offers them a little more time in exchange for an eternity of servitude.  He also has a serious psycho crush on Death that gets very out of hand

Damien was a great opposite to showcase Azrael as a good guy.  Damien is everything you don't want in a guy.  He's manipulative and controlling and he would do anything to make Death his - even trapping her until she "sees the light".  The addition of Sisyphus from myths as his somewhat unwilling sidekick was a great idea and a fantastic way to tie the story into lore.

There is a lot going on for a novella and it was written very well.  With two man-hunts and a backlog of work, Death has her work cut out for her - and Azrael has his cut out for him in trying to win her over.  Death's family plays a minor role, as does Satan, and the mix was a great way to add some fun side characters into the story line.

Cate Masters is definitely a favorite of mine now.  She does an awesome job with her lore and giving old legends and myths a modern twist to bring them into today's world.

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  1. Thanks so much Jasmyn! I'm so glad you loved Death as much as I loved writing about her. She's definitely one of my favorite characters :)


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