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Review: Guarding Poppy By: Christine Wenrick

Title: Guarding Poppy
Source: Review Request
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Reviewer: Emi 

Overall rating: 5
Sexual rating: 3

One night . . . one violent, supernatural battle . . . and five stories of the men whose lives will be changed by it.

Alec Lambert was born to lead. He’s a ruling Elder of The Brethren, possessing steely confidence, natural smarts, and decisive problem solving abilities . . . and he’s not too bad on the eyes, either. Everything in his life has gone exactly according to plan—until the night of Brahm Hill. Alec loses his best friend at the hands of the uncle he trusted like a father, along with his previously unshakable faith to lead those with whom he’s charged. Despite this, he continues to press ahead, and for his next assignment he’s asked to protect a very beautiful but very clumsy Dhampir who’s being hunted by a powerful warlock. Suddenly, he finds his whole Brethren world is turned upside down . . . and he finds himself harboring a desire for her he can’t explain.

Poppy Honeywell knows she’s far from perfect. Bad things tend to happen when she’s around. She’s more than a little clumsy, with a phobia or two mixed in. Not to mention that her name is certainly unusual. But she doesn’t have time to worry about all that because she’s on the run and not about to back down from the arrogant Elder who’s just been assigned as her protector. The real problem, though . . . she’s irresistibly drawn to this man who faces constant danger and takes charge so naturally. But Poppy also sees that taking charge of others helps Alec mask his own very deep pain.

Will Alec find his way out of the darkness and surrender to his feelings for Poppy before the warlock chasing her catches up to them both?

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**

So, where to start. I have been following Christine's work since the beginning, and I have loved every minute of it. The Charmed trilogy was awesome and The Men of Brahm Hill is even better. Guarding Poppy is the second book in the series and I LOVE it. If I wasn't reading the book, I was definitely thinking about it. Thinking about what was going to happen next and how Alec & Poppy were connecting. Not only was this book a page turner, but there was more to it than that, it was like I went through the same emotions as Alec & Poppy. I haven't emotionally connected to a book in quite a while, and Alec and Poppy's story was something I think we can all relate to. Take out the paranormal aspect and its about two people who have gone though some very tough times in their life and find it hard to believe they can ever be happy. Alec has gone through so much since the beginning I couldn't wait for him to finally get everything he deserved. Going forward, I am sooooo looking forward to the next installment in the series. I hope you all enjoy these series as much as I have. 
Please see the kinks below for both. 

The Charmed Trilogy 
The Men of Brahm Hill 

The Charmed Trilogy 

The Men of Brahm Hill 

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