Friday, November 14, 2014

A New Direction

We have been trying to think of some ways to revitalize and energize Bitten by Romance.  There are so many review websites out there and I think the key to being relevant and interesting is to not be part of the pack.  This doesn't mean that we can't or won't post reviews (I post tons of them).  It does mean that they may get second billing on a page if paired with a unique content post.  I think as readers, writers, and reviewers we can offer a lot of unique perspectives to both authers and readers, we just need to take the time to put them into words and get them out there.

To accomplish this goal will take time and effort from both the writers at Bitten by Romance, the authors, and the readers (please comment, we love discussions).  I would like to step away from the repetitive content even more than we already have and perhaps move towards a more content driven blog.  We'd love to see more participation in our current features of A Day in the Life and Woohoo Scenes in Romance.  They are a lot of fun and sometimes we need to know just that little bit more about a book before we decided to buy it <ahem...authors....ahem....>

Moving forward you will be seeing more articles, hopefully more special guest posts and interviews, and perhaps some of the ideas you will see below.  Let us know what you think - we want to hear from all of you - readers, writers, fellow bloggers - discussions are fun and most times the best ideas come from them.  If you are an author interested in participating in any of our promotions or features, visit our author page at Authors Corner.

You will see a decrease in cover reveals - featuring only those authors we've grown to love.  We will also begin doing Cover Inspirations.  A great way for the author to showcase the beautiful images that surround their work and tell the reader a little about why they chose that particular image or to include a short excerpt of the scene that inspired the image.  A post that can still showcase all the pretties - I love my covers - and yes I do at times judge a book by them.  But also, as a reader, I love knowing why an author chose a particular name, image, or title in their book.  This is a great way for authors to keep their current readers engaged between books, introduce a new book, and entice new readers as well.

Editorial Post: How to Lose Your Readers in 10 pages or less.  These are posts about what will make readers want to return a book and never buy that author again.  They are NOT rants - but written in a way that hopefully shows authors how readers approach their books, what makes them stick around for more, and what sends them running to the hills.  The first planned post (currently in my editing stage) is about the errors found in ebook formatting that can discourage a reader and even make it difficult to finish a book.

Book Trends and Fashions: Book trends are always showing up - some stay (paranormal and BDSM), some have fallen by the wayside (bodice rippers).  Some are emerging - I mean seriously, how many geeky and misunderstood American billionaires can there be and where can I find one?  This could branch out to include cover trends as well (notice all the tattoos and geek makeovers), as well as character traits (seeing a lot of redheads lately?).

Again, please let us know what you think.  As our readers, we want you to come back for more and enjoy your visits (wow I sound like a hotel or spa now).  But seriously, let us know what you like and don't like on here - otherwise we won't know what to keep and what was a giant flop.

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