Monday, November 10, 2014

Authors, does your website make the grade?

Authors, does your website make the grade?

We are on a mission: Our mission is rate author’s site from a readers/bloggers POV. Our goal isn’t to tear anyone author down, we want to make authors aware that their websites are very important to all readers/bloggers, and to make them aware the poor state of their internet reach could be losing them money.
In doing this we all have to remember authors are very busy. Some work outside of the home, so as long as the website is up to date, all is well. If the author has a website and a blog, the blog doesn’t have to be updated each week. I would consider once a month a good rule here.

Some might think this feature is silly but if you’re a blogger that has to rely on author website this can very easily become a problem. I have had to deal with authors having no sites at all, no way to contact them, no updated books and heck I have seen some website that look like they have cobwebs growing on them. You would think all authors would want to make sure readers and bloggers has access to their books and upcoming releases, but I found out a few years back some authors are clueless when it comes to websites. So, I have created this feature and added reader/blogger must haves on this list hoping it will help all authors learn what we look for when looking at their website.

Whose site are we visiting today? Caridad Pineiro

Is the author branded? Yes!

Is there a way to contact the author? Yes, she has a contact form to fill out. 

Did the site come up when the author’s name was searched in Google? Yes! This is a must for readers we hate having to hunt down an author’s website.

Does the authors name match the name on their books and other sale sites? Yes, everywhere I looked her name matched, so I could easily find her on social media and relaters sites like Amazon etc.

Is the site up to date with current release books? Yes, you can find her new release on her side bar.

Is the site easy to navigate? Yes

Buy link by each released book? Yes, this is a must for any reader. I would suggest audio books

Book cover, blurb or teaser offered for each book? Yes

Does the author offer any book excerpts or free chapters?  Yes

Can I browse books by SERIES or by GENRE? Yes

Does the author have upcoming releases on the site? Yes

Dose the authors have their series in order and are it easy to understand? Yes, she has a series order but you have to click on the books to find out which title goes to which.
Does the author offer a bio page? Yes, and I really enjoy how in-depth she goes into her story.

Is there a way to contact the author? Yes, she has a contact from.

Does the author offer newsletter? Yes, and you can find it on her sidebar

Does the author have a blog and can you access it easily from the site? Yes, you can find it on her navigation bar.

Header: Excellent banner that show any reader what she writes. 

Is the blog updated? Totally updated.

Any suggestions for the author: Yes, audio books and add a page for appearances. Time is valuable now days and more and more readers are truing to audio books. If you offer book signing then an appearances page is a must have for readers so we can find a way to hook up LOL. 

Any other remarks:  This site is very easy for readers to navigate. It’s clean and easy to read with an awesome banner, what reader wouldn’t love it this site. Caridad clearly knows what she is doing or at least she has someone that knows what they are doing for her. LOL

Overall rating of the author’s website

A        Excellent
B        Very Good
C        Good
D        Acceptable
F         Failed

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