Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Review: Cursed to Kill (Inherited Damnation #1) by Claire Ashgrove

Title: Cursed to Kill (Inherited Damnation #1)
Author: Claire Ashgrove
Source: Author Request
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novella
Release Date: January 27. 2015
Reviewed by: Jasmyn

Rating - 4
Sexual - 3

One of eight children born to an ancient Celtic priestess and sired by a demonic
incubus, Cian McLaine suffers from a centuries-old curse. Though his immortality allows him to enjoy the pleasures of mortal life, he is plagued by the desire to kill. As long as he doesn't fall in love he can keep the compulsion at bay.

When Cian walked into her rare bookstore months ago, Miranda Phillips never imagined she'd lose her heart to the handsome playboy. Her reward for doing so was abandonment. Cian left as mysteriously as he appeared, in the middle of the night with no explanation, no goodbye. Now he's back, and passion flares just as hot. But Cian has secrets. If Miranda is to survive, she must uncover the truth and free his darkened soul.

I loved the premise behind this series. This history of Cian (which is a really cool name) and his sibling was interesting and I loved learning more about all of them. Cian would do anything to protect the woman he loves from himself. The evil side of his nature constantly battling with the good - with Miranda's life on the line.

When an ancient spell is uncovered that could potentially release him from this curse, he finds himself at odds with his demon father and even a few of his brothers and sisters. There was a lot of internal struggle in the book - which was a nice change of pace for a paranormal. It wasn't all physical fighting and battling and I enjoyed every minute of his mental struggle.

The ending was beautiful. My only complaint was that I wish I had understood more about the family dynamics. While we get to meet his siblings, I did not get a chance to really know them. As a result, many of them blended into one. I'm hoping that in future stories I get to know them better because they all sound fascinating.

*This book was received in exchange for an honest review*

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