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Cover Inspirations: The World in Shadows Series by Bridget Blackwood

I'm a World in Shadows junkie so I was super excited when author Bridget Blackwood agreed to participate in our feature!!  She took the task head on and had broken down why she selected each cover in the series so far.

Cover Inspiration by Bridget Blackwood
When I’m preparing for a new book the cover is the first order of business. I like them to reflect the scenes and characters in the story. Finding cover models to match how I see the hero/heroine is important. A bearded hero with no bearded cover model is all wrong. A personal pet peeve of mine is when the cover model is nothing like the way the characters are described. Sometimes you can’t get around it but I try really hard to the point of making story changes. After searching for four months I gave up on the perfect Rachel/Bastien couple combo for my first book, Rising Shadows. The story was already written and without costing me money there was no way to fix the discrepancies. Some minor features don’t match up and it bugs me to this day. This is why I always figure out covers first now. LOL!

Rising Shadows
Cover Artist: The Killion Group
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I already mentioned the couple for Rising Shadows wasn’t my ideal but they do make a striking pair visually. The wolf is my favorite because it is how the hero looks when he shifts his form. Bastien is a white wolf to symbolize his inherent goodness which drives him to protect others. The forest as the background is important as it goes with the animal nature of the hero but also because of how the light comes through the trees casting shadows. The whole series revolves around characters coming out of hiding and into the light of day.

Winter's Kiss
Cover Artist: The Book Cover Machine

Winter’s Kiss is a novella. It continues the subplot for the entire series and ties up loose threads regarding two characters from Rising Shadows. I stumbled upon this cover on a website featuring premade covers by a whole range of artists. It is absolutely perfect. The cover correlates perfectly to a dream sequence near the very beginning. A cold, wintery landscape but the heroine wears a sleeveless dress. Obviously you’d freeze to death if it weren’t a dream. Sometimes you can’t tell a dream is a dream until you examine the small things. The colors on her dress are icy blues and the purples near the bottom half of the color are reminiscent of how I described the heroine’s hair in Rising Shadows. It’s beautiful and ethereal. One of my favorites.

A Scarlet Fury
Cover Artist: Indie-Spired Design
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Incredibly emotional to write and I’ve been told just as emotional to read. Heavy subjects are covered such as recovering from sexual assault and finding the strength to build your life again after it crumbles. The hero and heroine are best friends who become something more in the wake of tragedy. While they’re a passionate couple I wanted to express their tenderness on the cover. Cleary is Mads’ safe place and Mads soothes Cleary. The look of relaxed contentment on her face means so much more after you’ve read the book. Cleary’s holding her close but gently because he knows she couldn’t handle it if he pulled her tight. The lion eyes at the bottom are Cleary, always watching over his Mads. Kelly, the artist, picked the cityscape background which I like better than the one I chose. (The lighting in my choice wasn’t working. LOL) The city could be a depiction of where they live but to me it’s a reflection of all the people who rallied behind Mads. Still have the shadowy/smoky thing going on, so neat.

Belong to the Night (Releasing March 3, 2015)

The heroine Elisavet is a human who becomes a vampire; the forest relates to the scene in which this happens. Elisavet looks younger than she is and has dark features with wildly thick hair. Manias, the hero, is off in the distance protecting her from afar. He does that a lot. LOL. I wanted them together but not actually touching. The phrase “close but not close enough” applies well to their relationship. Hey, there are those shadows again :0)

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  1. As usual, had a blast writing for y'all. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  2. Thank you for reading, Lola :0)
    Covers are frustrating and fun all at the same time. I think I've relaxed more about certain aspects of the process. In the beginning I was looking for this perfect holy grail image and it doesn't exist. Now I just want it to feel authentic to the story.

  3. I always love having you on the blog, Bridget.


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