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Guest Post: Feel Good Movies by Author Wendy Byrne

Everyone loves a good feel good movie and we all have our favorites.  Today we have author Wendy Byrne visiting us and showing how her love of feel good movies relates to her love of romance books.  I just had to add a couple she mentioned to my NetFlix list.

Feel Good Movies by Wendy Byrne

I was kind of cranky one day when I started flipping through the channels and noticed the movie Bridesmaids. Wahoo! Just what I needed—a shot of happy. It made me laugh, made me cry and everything in-between. I decided it might very well be the magic elixir for whatever might ail me. Could that be? Could I have found the fountain of youth, or at least the fountain of happy?

Hmmm…so I started to analyze what makes me laugh and discovered it’s real life. The things like Annie (Kristin Wilig) fumbling her way through a bad pseudo relationship with Ted (Jon Hamm) while dismissing the wonderfully funny Officer Rhode (Chris O’Dowd). Her relentless drive to impress her best friend with embarrassing consequences. I don’t know about you, but I saw of myself in Annie. Haven’t we all fumbled our way through relationships that were so bad for us with the hope things would change. Or when we try to be somebody we’re not? When Annie finally figures it out, it felt so empowering. I felt like I was Annie, smacking myself on the side of the head and saying you got this girl.

So what other movies do I watch a million times and they still make me laugh, despite the fact that I practically know the words by heart? Christmas Vacation is one for sure—you can’t beat Cousin Eddy for a good laugh. Don’t we all have a few Cousin Eddy’s in our families? I don’t know about you, but I sure do. Of course I’m not revealing any names. J Night Shift with Henry Winkler and Michael Keaton is another oldie but goodie for me, or Midnight Run with Charles Grodin and Robert De Niro. All feel good stories.

Which is the same reason I read romance books:  I always know there’ll be a satisfying conclusion to the story—good will always triumph over evil, and everyone has their HEA. And I love books with a touch of humor in them. I always try to incorporate a bit of humor in my books—either through the main characters or peripheral characters. In The Millionaire’s Deception I used the concept of the book club ladies (all senior citizens) who were obsessed with Fifty Shades of Grey. Here’s a short snippet from their first appearance in the book.

“Small towns are like that. You can’t get away with anything without everybody knowing about it. Gossiping is part of the culture.” She gave him a mischievous smile. “Like right now the book club ladies in the corner no doubt have stopped focusing on the finer points of Fifty Shades of Grey and have homed in on why I’m spending so much time talking to you. The next logical conclusion they’ll come to is that we’ll be doing it on the back of your Harley by the end of the night, with me wearing nothing but a striped necktie.”
He choked on the coffee he’d just swallowed. For the first time in nearly ten years, words failed him. No doubt because the visual she’d described was way too tempting to dismiss. He shook off the thoughts, albeit reluctantly. “So that’s what little old ladies do in their spare time—talk about sex? And here I thought it was gardening.”
“They’re all widowed and alone and like to relive the good old days. And unfortunately for me, also seem to be fixating on my love life by finding me a man.” She tsked. “Pay them no mind. They mean well.”
 “Don’t look now, but one of them is headed our way.”
She brushed an errant chunk of hair away from her eyes. “Oh crap. I knew I stayed here too long. What does she look like?”
“White-haired, blue flowery dress.”
“That’s Louisa. Don’t take the bait if she asks you if you like sex toys.” She shook her head.

What’s your favorite feel good movie or book?

About the Millionaire's Deception:
He always wins. And she never gives up...

Rafe McCall has a reputation as the Closer. He rakes in serious cash to make deals happen. Convincing small restaurant owner Frankie Ritacco to sell his business for property development should have been a piece of cake. So Rafe blows into Wilcox, Iowa on his Harley, convinced the deal is all but done. But he is so, so wrong...

For starters, “Frankie” is a woman. A stunning, stubborn woman who wants to preserve her idyllic small town. The Crossroads Café is a family legacy Frankie plans to leave to her future children, and there is no way she's selling—even to a sexy millionaire who makes her heart race. But her café is in serious trouble, and Rafe must decide if he can close the deal...or if he's found the deal breaker of a lifetime.

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  1. I'm not big on feel good movies or comedies. I mostly watch horror, drama or action.


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