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Interview with Tory Michaels, Author of Locked in Stone

I loved, loved, loved Locked in Stone by Tory Michaels and jumped at the chance to ask her a few questions.  And yes, I am a child of the 90's a watched that Disney show she's talking about.  In fact, I may just have to add it to my NetFlix queue and go pretend I'm a kid again.


You don’t see a lot of gargoyles in romance.  How did you develop the lore for your gargoyles?
 (I read the question originally as “develop the love for…”): I blame the 90’s. I kid you not, I blame the 90’s. Most specifically, the Disney Afternoon and the show Gargoyles: The Series. I absolutely adored that show and the idea of gargoyles coming to life never really left me. And I’ll acknowledge there’s more than one reference or acknowledgement of the gargoyle series – in fact, the heroine of the next book was a fan of the show and quotes it (or so I have written – who knows what will make it through the editing process).

 As to the lore – I pretty much remember waking up one day in 2013 and I had the names of my three gargoyle heroines and two of the three heroes who were not gargoyles. The order of the books in the series, and a couple of the couples have switched around, but I still have my original trio and the men who love them, with an extra pair thrown in for fun times. From that point, I just started trying to figure out why this trio of sisters was so important, and over time put the pieces together that included the Sentinels (half-angel/half-human hybrids), the Twisted Ones (half-demon/half-human hybrids), the gargoyles and their special issues, and how and why they all came to be (it’s all about a battle for the future of Earth against the denizens of Otherworld). 
Do you have plans to introduce other paranormals to your gargoyle world?  Or perhaps start a new world with new creatures?
As you can see from above, there are several types of paranormals already in the world. A full-blooded angel (Mikael Ray, head of the Protectorate which includes the Sentinels), a full-blooded demon (Lucifer, head of the Twisted Ones), the hybrids, and the gargoyles. There are other paranormals wandering around: the vampires, who are exclusively aligned with the Twisted Ones/demon cause, and the witches, who could align with either side. I don’t see in this world/series fitting others in, though I do have a hellhound pop briefly in from Otherworld.

 I do have other paranormal worlds/series’ either written already (though not published any more, in the form of my Dream-Walker War series) or in my head waiting for the opportunity to escape (a pure fantasy series with dragons, another Earth-set, modern day world with descendants of the Pharaoh Akhenaten, and a futuristic series about humans finally rising up to throw off the aliens who conquered earth in the not-too-distant-from-today-future).
I see you are a Candy Crush Soda addict - I am as well.  Maybe we could start a support group?  How do you handle hitting those levels that you can never seem to get past?
Oh. Dear. God. The evil that is Candy Crush Soda. I’m currently only like level 93. My husband got somewhere in the low 100s and said it’s impossible from thereon unless you pay money for the boosters. As for getting past them, I’ll just keep trying, maybe surf a little for hints (though they never really help), and eventually (sometimes a month later) finish the level. The worst thus far for me was somewhere in the 70s. I was stuck for a month, I kid you not. Ugh.

 Support group? Sign me up. According to my husband, Candy Crush Soda is no doubt responsible for birthing serial killers (jokingly said), given it can drive you nuts.
What do you do when a scene just doesn’t want to happen the way you pictured it?

 Seriously though, with Locked I never really knew where a scene would go. I was just along for the ride. In revisions (rewrites), I had the basic path and knew where I wanted stuff to go. It usually happened. When it does happen though, I just sort of shrug and go along for the ride to see where it goes. I’ve discovered my most common reason for writer’s block is that I’ve ignored what my characters want and instead try to force them down a pre-conceived path and, honestly, they don’t like that. I’m best off listening to them (and no, I’m not crazy…I’m an author!).
Quickfire Questions:
Tomboy or girly girl?
Tomboy – I don’t do frills, to the ever-lasting despair of my husband.
Cats, dogs or something else?
I’m more of a cat person, but we have two dogs and a cat.
Leather or lace?

Lace. I need to breathe and have mobility. Now if you’re talking men in 300…leather all the way baby. Especially if said men are oiled up and buff.
Make sure you check out Tory's gargoyle romance - I just loved it.  It will open your eyes to a whole new paranoramal that is just tons of fun.

Title: Locked in Stone
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: February 23, 2015

Her enemy is her only hope…

Rose Johnson’s adoptive mother was murdered, and Rose is next. She may be the last gargoyle in the world—the last being who stands between this world and the evils of Otherworld. In order to keep her existence a continued secret, Rose needs to find the stone that holds her adoptive mother’s soul. Which means enlisting the help of her enemies the Sentinels…

Sentinel Cal Levesque never forgave himself for failing Rose’s family years ago. Seeing Rose alive is shock enough, until the stunningly beautiful gargoyle attacks him upon sight. As they strike an uneasy peace—and unexpected and escalating attraction—Cal knows he’ll have to tell Rose who really betrayed her family. And with Rose’s life in greater danger than ever, Cal has a chance to make up for the past…as long he doesn’t fall in love. 

Author Bio:
Originally from the Sacramento Valley, Tory packed up and moved all the way to Southwest Florida in 2004 with her husband (a Florida native) under the premise that ‘hurricanes almost never hit that part of the state.’ That year, 4 blasted the area. 4 more came the following year, and her husband blames her for bringing the hurricanes. She now resides in Jacksonville and is relieved that, thus far, no more hurricanes have followed her around.

She began writing in kindergarten when a turnip wished to be human and, other than a hiatus shortly after getting married, has never stopped. Her love of vampires began somewhere in junior high, and combining the two loves didn’t take long. She loves music, considers herself a ‘book slut’ whose reading habits would break her family financially if given free reign, and is (usually) delighted to be a mommy of twin Shrimpettes and a Shrimp.

More on Tory Michaels

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