Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Review: Savage Hunger (Heart of the Jaguar #1) by Terry Spear

Title: Savage Hunger (Heart of the Jaguar #1)
Author: Terry Spear
Source: Self-Purchased
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel
Release Date: October 2, 2012
Reviewed by: Jasmyn

Rating - 3
Sexual - 3

As a jaguar he is graceful and gorgeous. Speedy and stealthy. Fierce, independent and
wild. As a man he is passionate and powerful, wilful and wonderful.

And he'll stop at nothing to protect what's his...

In the heat of the jungle, jaguars are clawed, dangerous, and hungry for love. With hopes of overcoming night terrors and thanking the man who saved her life, Kathleen McKnight returns to the Amazon.

A jaguar at heart, Connor Anderson doesn't just protect her, but wants to claim her for his own.
After loving a book later in the series, I had to go back and read this one from the beginning.  I will say that Terry Spear has improved over the books.  While book one wasn't quite as good as later books, it was still a really great story.

There were just a couple of things that were a bit off for me.  Connor's sister, Maya, was a bit immature and childish.  This wouldn't have been a problem if she was young or had a minor part in the story, but she played a very major role and a lot of her decision making regarding this role reminded me of a twelve year old's thought process at times.  I understand her motivations and emotions, but the way they were portrayed just wasn't quite right.  Also, Kathleen is a bit too forgiving and trusting - especially after what Maya does to her.  Ya - I would soooo not get over that easily.

What really makes this book work well is how Kathleen and Connor are together.  They just fit in a way that is really hard to understand.  I loved their parts of the book - which is good since they are the main characters.  Their flight from the bad guys got a bit repetitive at times.  I mean, how many times are they going to almost catch them but they shift and save they day.

Overall, this was cute and really fun. I enjoyed this "introduction" to the jaguar world and I see why so many people are in love with this series.


  1. Lovely review. I really enjoy this author, and I loved this pair. They were so good for each other and I agree, I feel like Spear just keeps getting better with each book that she writes.

  2. I really like watching authors grow throughout a series. It really shows not only the development of the series, but the author as well.


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