Monday, August 31, 2015

Tour of the Universe 2015 Schedule

UPDATE: Just a few more hours and our first Tour of the Universe will be live!!!! Just listen to that crowd cheer - WOOHOO!!!!

Ok, So down to business. The schedule below will be updated with links each morning, so make sure you check back and see what cool new out of this world place we'll be visiting.

Welcome aboard readers and hold on tight. Bitten by Romance and some amazing science-fiction romance writers have teamed up to give you a peek into all the amazing universes that exist. You'll get to visit far away solar systems, meet alien races, and take a stroll around some incredible space ships.

Make sure to bookmark this page.

The schedule is below and we'll be updating it with links as each author stops by to share their amazing universe with us. I've heard a few will be having some souvenirs to give away as well.

Sci-Fi September 2015
Tour of the Universe
Your Guide to Out of This World Romance

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