Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tour of the Universe - The Corwint Central Agent Files by C.E. Kilgore

One thing I absolutely love about reading science fiction romance is exploring the different universes that authors create! Romance on Earth is fun, but romance on another planet, far-far-away is my absolute favorite. Some of my favorite romances deal with two people trying to survive on distant alien worlds, or an intergalactic space battle, or searching for lost artifacts in abandoned alien civilizations. It's also what I love about writing science fiction romance. I get to explore strange new worlds, seek out alien lifeforms and... Yeah, I totally enjoy going boldly where others haven't gone before. The Corwint Central Agent Files series takes place on over a dozen planets spread across different star systems. The first book in the series has the crew chasing down trade supplies in the hopes at buying information about who has created a genetically altered plague. They must deal with alien cultures and strange trade practices. A few of the planets and space stations included in book 1, Ghost in the Machine are:

Corwint Corwint: This is the home planet of the Central Government Agency. Many different alien races call Corwint home, giving it a colorful mix of cultures. Its climate is very much like Earth, and its native population are quite human. Well, aside from the Mecha. Mechatronic Automatons make up a good portion of the population, and there's been a history of tension between Organics and Mecha, after the Mecha became self-aware and started asking for equal rights.
LastStar Last Star: This is a space station set on the precarious edge between Corwint alliance space and the Xendari Empire. It sees its fair share of conflicts between the Xendari soldiers who patrol the docks looking for contraband and the traders simply trying to make a living. Oh, and a few Corwint secret agents trying to smuggle refugees.
Space station in outer space."Elemen ts of this image furnished by NASA" Chronos: This space station sits on a different edge that is no less precarious. The Xendari lost the Outer Rim territory during the Hedari Rebellion, and they've been pissed off about it ever since. Orbiting a dead planet and home to rebels, pirates, smugglers and honest traders, Chronos is where you go if you want to escape the Empire, or buy illegal goods.
Surreal  3d illustration Gokem: A desert planet in the Outer Rim, Gokem is home to the limik herders. Limiks are an animal similar to a llama, with fleece that is prized throughout the systems. The Gokem's unique trade customs can make striking a deal with them a challenge, and a lesson in humility.
Tir Tir: The people of Tir are nomadic, both on planet and in their space travels. They are information traders who pride themselves on family, being open to others, and in keeping their ancient traditions alive, despite the growing influence of technology and the adventurous pull of spaceships.

These are just some of the planets and alien cultures that make up the Corwint universe. It's a vibrant, living and ever-changing universe, where events on one planet can have dire consequences on another. You can read the first four books in the series for FREE. No strings. No hoops. No wormholes. Click here to download them from your vendor of choice:

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