Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tour of the Universe - Escape to a Desert Retreat by Lisa Lace

Escape to a Desert Retreat

You may know that Susohn is a desert planet, but don't let that dissuade
you from considering it for a vacation destination!  The Susohn are
civilized (mostly) and have tamed their environment.  Their planet has
several oases and retreats designed to refresh the hottest galactic
traveler.  The twin suns give fantastic selfie opportunities during the
double sunset - none of your friends will be able to Photoshop in two suns
and two shadows!

We recommend light, airy clothing on Susohn.  Their style reveals a lot of
skin.  Some say this is because they are a sexual alien race, but we think
it's simply because their planet is warm all the time!

The Three

Contrary to popular belief, The Three are not deities in the local culture
or religion.  The Three are virtues that form the foundation of Susohn
civilization.  The three pillars are knowledge, strength, and respect.
When a Susohnnan comes of age, they undergo a trial that tests them
physically, spiritually and emotionally.  If they successfully complete
the trial, they are marked with the triangle of The Three, leaving a scar
on their hip.  We're told that this scar is important in Susohnnan mating
rituals, but we have no firsthand knowledge of it!

Mating Cycle

Males and females on Susohn are only fertile during certain times of the
month - but when they are, watch out!  A Susohn on their mating cycle will
only have one thing on their mind - sex.  Earth visitors don't need to
worry about being ravished by an alien savage, however - Susohnnans rarely
pair up with humans.  You'll only find yourself taken if you go out
looking for trouble, hahaha!

Still Undecided?

Read about Kenna DeAndrea's adventures on Susohn in Captured by the Alien

When I saw my chance to get off Earth, I took it. I knew I needed to escape.

I didn't know I'd be claimed by an alien monarch in the middle of his mating season! Now we're on the run together, facing terrorists and natural disasters.

I'm still trying to figure out my feelings for this sexy guy. He is totally into me, but he has some unique ideas about alien romance...

Captured by the Alien King: The Complete Series is a collection of the five part serial CAPTURED BY THE ALIEN KING. This book is a complete, standalone novel.

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