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Tour of the Universe - Interview With Overlord Vaan Galip by Michelle Howard

Interview with the hero from Honor Bound. Today, I chose to interview Overlord Vaan Galip. I managed to pin him down when he really had no interest in chatting.

Michelle H.: Hi Vaan, thanks for taking time to speak with me today. I know you’re busy.

Overlord Vaan: Mikayla convinced me it would be a good idea to talk with the person who brought us together.

Michelle H. smiles: I’m really happy for the both of you. I never knew how perfect you two would be together.

Overlord Vaan inclines his head and folds his arms over his broad chest.

Michelle H. clears her throat.: Well. The interview will consist of a few questions readers have and some of my own so let’s get to it. Is there anything you wish I hadn’t included in your books?

Vaan shifts in his seat and his midnight colored eyes darken further if possible.: I wish Warlord Morid had not hurt my mate before I could get to her and I wish she had not suffered during the birth of our youngling.

Michelle winces: Right. Sorry about that. You have to admit those events brought you closer together.

Vaan glares.

Michelle H.: Um…next question. I really thought you and Miki would have a son. How are you handling life with two daughters?

Overlord Vaan: I prefer you call her Mikayla.

Michelle H. rolls her eyes: Sure. But the girls. Tell me about being their father.

Overlord Vaan remains stoic.: Erana and Arane are a Warlord’s treasure.

Michelle H. leans forward in her seat.: Many readers initially found you intimidating and stuck in your ways. Since being with Miki…Mikayla, you seem to have mellowed. Do you think having a family has changed you? Made you weaker?

Overlord Vaan uncrosses his arms and reaches for the knife strapped to his upper thigh.: If there are any who would challenge my authority, have them come to me.

Mikayla enters leading Arane and Erana by the hand. Each toddler breaks into wide smiles with fangs and race toward Vaan.: Falo!

Vaan loses his stiff stance and goes to one knee beside his chair. When he stands, he’s holding a child in each arm. The twins look perfect snuggled against his bare chest. Michelle H. admires the way the black leather pants mold to his long legs.

Mikayla catches her and Michelle H. flushes.

Mikayla: I’m sorry to interrupt. The youngling miss their father when he’s out of their sight for long. I tried to keep them busy but they knew he was in his office.

Michelle H. rises to her feet: No problem. I have to go anyway. Need to write Kavan’s story and a bunch of others. Is there anything you’d like to share with readers or me?

Mikayla glances at her mate, love shining in her green gaze.: Convince Vaan that it’s okay for me to have another youngling.

Michelle H. blinks: You want another baby?

Mikayla ignores the annoyed stare from Vaan and grins.: Definitely

Michelle H. shrugs: I’ll see what I can do

Vaan calls out: Do not seek to hurt my youngling and mate again, Michelle.

Michelle H. hunches her shoulders and hurries out.     

To save her people, Mikayla S'Apul has only two options: Become a prize in the upcoming battle or take control of her fate. When a worn journal falls into her hands revealing the secrets of a legendary group of warriors, Mikayla realizes it holds the answer to her dilemma. A marriage of convenience is the only way to protect the Raasa people.

Overlord Vaan Galip is the commander of the Warlord army tasked with protecting Kabanians and bringing peace to his lands. Betrayed by one of his own, joining with Mikayla S'Apul would provide her people with protection while giving him the opportunity for vengeance. Falling for the Raasa female was never part of his plans.

When a common enemy threatens, Vaan and Mikayla learn the true depth of what it means to be bound not only by marriage but by honor.

About the Author
Michelle Howard like many authors dreamed of writing since reading her first romance novel many years ago.  She loves paranormal and contemporary romances and is a fan of the classic romances by Judith McNaught and Julie Garwood.

I love to hear from fans so please reach out to me. If the mood hits you, leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

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