Friday, September 11, 2015

Tour of the Universe - Mitah Messed Up Travel Brochure by Sabine Priestley

Welcome Sci-Fi September guests! Today you'll be learning about a truly stunning planet called Mitah! I had the local travel authority put together a nice flyer to tell you all about the Summer’s Ball in Watersedge. Unfortunately, one of the local Curzans got a hold of it and made some additions. Being as I'm rather fond of the Curzans I decided to share it with you as is. I do hope their rebellion goes off without a hitch. To find out you'll need to read Rebellion, Alien Attachments book 2, coming out October 13th!

The beautiful cliff-side town of Watersedge. 
Welcome to one of the most beautiful planets in the galaxy!

Are you ready to have a ball? You’ve heard of it, probably seen pictures, this year be a part of Planet Mitah’s Summer’s Ball! Mitah may not be the biggest planet in the galaxy, but we have the biggest party! Come to the stunning city of Watersedge for three full days and three square miles of fun, food and music for every taste.

Indulge your fantasies and bring home clothes made from our one-of-a-kind Mitan silk. Famous across the galaxy, our worms produce silk in a range of colors that will glow for a lifetime.

Because no one can party for three days straight, take time out to relax and hike or hunt in our Trillion Forest. Over fifty percent of the wilds on Mitah are kept as sanctuaries for the wildlife and hunting grounds for those adventurous at heart. 
Let loose and shine under our spectacular double moons. Both will be full during the Summer's Ball. Mitah, there’s no place like it!
A lovely shot taken by an incoming passenger ship showing Mitah and our two moons. 
With temperatures in the mid seventies, lose the sweaters and revel in perfect weather while you explore our mountains, forests, ocean and shores.
The Summers Ball. A party you'll never forget!
Our double moons from the deserts beyond the Trillion Forest.

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