Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tour of the Universe - Top 10 Sci-fi Heroes by author Eve Langlais

I will admit, I love science fiction. The idea of life out there, strange new worlds, cultures, everything, totally gets me excited. The whole 'what if' premise is one of the reasons I love writing sci-fi romance. My passion for all things sci-fi started at a young age as I avidly watched  Star Trek. Then along came Star Wars, and the various Star Trek rebirths. Battlestar Galactica, Guardians of the Galaxy, Stargate, and more... If it's got an alien, or futuristic theme (especially with cyborgs or gene manipulation) then chances are I'll watch it. 

Over the years, some characters have left lasting impressions and helped formed my idea of the ultimate sci-fi hero. Here's 9 of my favorites. In the comments, I'd like you to leave a tenth. Two lucky commenters will win a prize (an ecopy of my Alien Abduction Bundle book 1-3, and an ecopy of my Cyborg bundle of books 1-3). If we hit a freaky amount of comments, then maybe I'll throw in a piece of swag ;)

My hottest heroes from Sci-Fi movies and shows.
1. The original Han Solo, Harrison Ford
2. Riddick played by hottie Vin Diesel
3. Jean Luc Picard with commanding actor Patrick Stewart
4. Star Lord of Guardians of the Galaxy played by the adorable Chris Pratt
5. Star Trek rebooted with Chris Pine as the young Captain Kirk
6. The cyborg in Almost human, Michael Ealy
7. Number 6/Caprica from Battlestar Galactica, Tricia Helfer (She was awesome!)
8. Villain Benedict Cumberbath as Kahn in Star trek into Darkness.
9. Jason Momoa as Ronon Dex in Stargate Atlantis
10. Name your favorite hero/heroine.

You can find out more about Eve and her amazing Sci-fi worlds on her website.

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