Friday, October 23, 2015

Warning!!!! New trend in stealing authors books

Warning!!!! New trend in stealing authors books

It’s really sad when people go to extremes to make money off of someone else.

We all know about pirate sites and how we are not to download their free books because their sites may contains viruses and they’re basically thieves.  Well, there is a new thief in town and really low blow to the whole book publishing industry.

The new tread in books thievery is: The thief takes a whole eBook from an author and they just simply change the cover, title and a few words in the book and then they publish in another name where they get the royalties…  So, basically you are buying a book that has already been published by a real author and the sad fact is most are getting away with this new style of stealing simply because unless someone has read the book before it will go unnoticed. Another reason why readers shouldn’t hoard books and not read them.

If it wasn’t for diligent readers out there noticing that the book they just bought and were reading was the same work from another well-known author they had read before. Our authors would have never caught this without the help from these readers.

So, please if you buy an eBook and the story is the same as an author you’ve read before, please contact that author that you have read before and let them know and then warn other readers not to buy that new book. This thief can make some good money before you know it and it’s sad how low they are going to get that money by totally stealing someone else's book and republishing it with a new title and cover.

I also would demand a refund once I found out that book was already published by a real author. Things such as this is why I am glad we are still able to return books.

Be careful out there, it is a crazy thieving world we live in. 

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