Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Review Better Than Catnip by Ruth J. Hartman

Title: Better Than Catnip

Author: Ruth J. Hartman
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 194 pages
Publisher: CleanReads
Release Date: March 1, 2012
Source: Publisher Request
Rating: 3
Heat Rating: 1
Reviewed by: Laurie

Roxy Williams adores cats. Always has. That’s why she devotes her life to running her stray cat shelter. But is that enough? Isn’t there a man out there who will love her for who she is? A special man who won’t try to change her or ask her to choose between him and her cats? Max Weller has a problem. His son, Derek, must complete community service for fighting at school. The only available place is the stray cat shelter. But Derek is terrified of cats from a frightening childhood experience. How will they get through this traumatic experience? Roxy and Max feel the strong attraction pulling them together as Max volunteers at the shelter, too. Will they be able to keep the spark alive? Or will Derek’s fears come between them?
A great story for cat lovers.

Better Than Catnip, to me is more fiction than romance. The romance is there, it’s just the heroine’s shelter seems to take prominent over the romance. I would’ve liked to have gotten a deeper background story on both Max and Roxie. I would’ve also liked to have seen more passion between them. I know this is something that maybe hard to do in clean romance, but I have read some where you can really feel the passion between the couple without sex and to me this couple didn’t have that spark.

Derek is a great addition to the story. There were times I wished the author would have gone into more detail on what he were feeling and how he felt when he overcame his fear of cats.

I hope one day the author would be willing to write a follow up for this story. I would like to know how things are going for Roxie, Max and how Derek growing over his fear of cats by working at the shelter with Roxie.

Overall, if you love cats this is a great clean story with a touch of romance between Max and Roxie. I recommend this book to cozy readers and light romance readers that love a good story about the everyday cat shelter.

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