Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sterling Brothers Ltd. Case #42647: Secret Holy Places by Jackie Flaum ~ Cover Reveal

Title: Secret Holy Places (Sterling Brothers Ltd. Case #42647)
Author: Jackie Flaum
Publisher: Nazzaro & Price
Release Date: February 10, 2016

Little Bonnie McGee is kidnapped from her bed near the historic All Saints Catholic Church in Memphis.

To Morgan Ashton, private investigator from the prestigious Sterling Brothers Ltd., Bonnie’s case seems cursed from the start.

First, there are no clues.

Next she crosses swords with local police.

Then there’s an unfortunate incident where her Tennessee Bureau of Investigation liaison, Special Agent Taylor Lloyd, lands in the mud. Neither she nor Bonnie has a prayer of surviving until Taylor joins Morgan’s search.

Now with time running out, corpses falling around them, and their own lives in danger, Morgan and Taylor explore All Saints.

But the All-Saints complex with its legendary spirits and ghosts refuses to yield hidden holy places to those with secrets of their own.

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