Monday, February 22, 2016

Pine Creek Highlander Series by Janet Chapman ~ Series Review

Title: Highlander Series
Author: Janet Chapman
Length: Novels
Reviewed by: Laurie

I started this series for my reading enjoyment, not to review them, but as I tore through the series I found a very talented author that I wanted to share with our readers.
This series features every sub-genre in romance, so this means there is something for every romance reader out there today. I especially loved the paranormal aspects of the story-line.

Highlander series offers readers:

  • Time travel- Past and future time travel.
  • Hot demanding highlanders that are still stuck in the 1200’s.
  • Magic- the poor old wizard that brings them there is constantly making a mess out of things.  Some of the heroines and heroes also have magic that will be revealed in each book.
  • Older heroines - yeah, not your typical twenty something heroines.
  • Humor- A few books are really funny and cute.
What I liked most was these characters are not all perfect, as in the sexiest heroes and heroines out there, some have some serious flaws.

Overall the characters are believable and enjoyable. There are just a couple I didn’t really care for.
The sex level is a 3 in each book, there is not a whole lot of it and what is there is very tastefully done.

Things I didn’t care for much
Now, not all of these books are going to grab you. I had two books I didn’t enjoy. One was boring and the other was totally unrealistic, but if you figure the rest were a 4 or 5 star average, then that’s not bad.

The first couple of books brought a lot of settings details and then all the sudden they were gone, replaced with more dialogue. Not that I mind dialogue, but I love seeing what is happening around the characters too. So that was another disappointment to me.  

Series order and each rating

Only with a Highlander is my favorites, the hero is holding a secret from everyone and once it was revealed it totally shocks Winter. Heck, I didn’t even see it coming, had no clue.

Highlander for the Holidays is my next favorite, I loved the heroine Jessie, spite the horror she went though she wasn’t about to let it get the best of her.

I know some of these are older books, but you can still find them on eBay, Goodwill and other swap book stores. Amazon has them at full price. I bought all but the last two at my used book store. This series is totally worth reading if you love magic, humor and hot highlanders that will anything to protect what is theirs.

The first few books can be read as standalone, but the last few books have future characters that time travel so they can be a bit confusing to new readers. 

I know this is not a full extensive review for this series, I just wanted to encourage anyone that has these books to go ahead and read them. I've had this whole set just sitting on my bookshelf for over two years and really wished I would have read them sooner.

I love the author's writing style so much I just ordered the whole set of her spin off sries, Spellboud Falls, and I do suggest you read Hilanders before Spellbound Falls.I'm also collecting her other spin off, Midnaight Bay series.

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