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Cupid's Quest by Lori Soard ~ Guest Post

Author: Lori Soard
Publisher: Grace Nicole Books
Pages: 201
Genre: Inspirational Contemporary Romance

The only life Gracie has ever known has been the nursing home and the residents who are like family to her. Now, she risks losing it all and her friends scattering to different homes if she can’t come up with the money to save the business.

Between caring for his ailing mother and running the family farm, Brandt is stretched thin. Too thin. When his mother begs him to enter a local scavenger hunt, win the prize money, and convert the farm into an orchard, he knows he can’t refuse her anything, so he reluctantly agrees.

While seeking clues to the scavenger hunt, Gracie and Brandt keep bumping into each other. Gracie’s always had a crush on him that keeps her from stringing two coherent words together. Brandt doesn’t understand why she dislikes him so much she won’t even talk to him. If the nursing home residents would settle down and stop getting into crazy shenanigans long enough, the two might figure out that they have more than a little in common


A Day in the Life of… Gracie Resquire by Lori Soard
Gracie Resquire is the main character from the book Cupid’s Quest by Lori Soard, the first in her Cupid’s Crossing series. Gracie runs a small nursing home in the town of Cupid’s Crossing. Even though the book is a romantic comedy, it is hard to see how Gracie will ever find time for romance with the senior citizens constantly getting themselves into trouble.
Excerpt from Book – Meet Gracie
Gracie started her car and flipped to the local news station. If the weather was nice tomorrow, she would plan some activities for out in the courtyard so the residents could enjoy the sun.
“And in other news… A band of renegade old folks took the town by storm this evening, leading police on a high speed chase…” The announcer paused for a moment and Gracie heard laughter in the background.  Composing her voice, the announcer continued. “The driver was tooling around town without a license. Apparently, his license expired more than fifteen years ago.”
Gracie swallowed. As much as she wanted to believe it was a group of seniors unrelated to Days Never New, she had a sinking feeling that she knew exactly who had led the police on that chase.
“The van they were driving reached speeds of 20 miles per hour—“ The announcer didn’t hold back her gut-wrenching laughter this time. It took her several minutes to continue. “—down Candy Kisses Lane, where they’d apparently been on some type of scavenger hunt, around to Main Street, out past the park and finally stopping in front of a trail and trying to scramble out of the van and run from police. They were apprehended within minutes.”
Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy!
In five minutes, she was back at Days Never New. She didn’t bother with going around back and parking in her space, but found a slot on Heart Boulevard and raced for the front entrance.
“Sinclaire!” She rushed for the main part of the building. Please, Lord, let them all be here.
“Gracie? What on earth is going on?” Sinclaire’s hair stuck out in all directions and her half-open eyes told Gracie she’d been snoozing.
“Is everyone accounted for?”
“Well, they were taking a nap, and maybe I was, too…” Sinclaire trailed off and then hung her head. “Honestly? I have no idea. I’m so sorry. Jack still won’t sleep and I’m exhausted.”
“Let’s go look, shall we?” Gracie already knew they’d find at least two people missing, Cap and Libby. There was no doubt in her mind as the announcer had described the elderly woman beating the cop over the head with her cane just who that woman was. Cap was the only resident nervy enough to think he could actually drive.
Still, there was the smallest glimmer of hope that some other feisty old woman with a cane had been the one on the lamb and Libby was sound asleep in her bed. That hope was bashed into tiny shards when Gracie opened the door to the woman’s room and found her absent. The bed was still made perfectly without even an indentation to mar the smooth surface.
“I think we’d better start praying while we drive to the police station,” Gracie said.
As you can see, Gracie has her hands full. She loves those old folks just like they were her own family, though. She’d do anything for them.

About the Author
Lori Soard has a PhD in Journalism and Creative Writing, but she's hardly the stuffy professor type. She loves nothing better than a good romantic comedy and thinks the good guy should always win and the ending should always be happy.

From an early age, Lori started honing her story telling skills. As a kid she was rarely seen without a book in her hand, even walking and reading at the same time. Her first stories were about the world around her. At twenty she wrote her first novel, which she admits was horrible. At twenty-one, she sold her first article to a local newspaper. Once she got that taste of having others read her work and realizing that she could reach others and touch their hearts, there was no turning back for this natural born writer.

"If I can make someone's day just a tiny bit better," Lori says, "if I can make them smile even though they are sad, make them think things could be better, make them understand how much God loves them, then I have accomplished something. I write my stories, articles and books with that one person in mind who really needs the message. If I can change one person's perspective, then I've succeeded."

Lori is a life-long Hoosier and lives in southern Indiana with her two daughters, husband and beloved pets. "During the extreme low points in life, it has been my animals that have seen me through. There is nothing like the deep devotion of a dog or the unconditional love of a cat." Lori adores animals and while some of her dear friends have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge she will always stand by her belief that animals make the world a better place.

Her latest book is the inspirational contemporary romance, Cupid’s Quest.

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