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Meet New Reviewer - Vashti

Classy Bits About Me 

When did I start reviewing books? 
2011 on Goodreads 

When did I fall in love with books? 
I've always loved to read stories as a kid, especially fairytales, but it wasn't until I read my 1st full length novel in 7th grade that I truly became a book addict!  

What are my favorite classics? 
Pride and Prejudice  by Jane Austen 

Who are my Favorite Classic and Contemporary Authors? 
Classic is Jane Austen, and contemporary I have a few but I will try to narrow it down to my top three: Karen Marie Moning, Lisa Kleypas and Jeanine Frost 

Which do I prefer: E-books, Paper, Hardcover, or Audio? 

Definitely E-Books, paperback is sooo 2005.(haha)  I'm not one of those people who say there is nothing like the feel of a real book.  I travel a lot and I'm always on the go, so taking a ton of books along to add to my already overweight baggage just does not appeal to me.  E-Readers are much more convenient, and the supply is endless and on demand.   If  I am traveling by car, then an Audio book is just the thing.   It keeps me entertained and takes the tedium out of traveling for consecutive hours, especially when stuck in a traffic jam on the highway.  However, my OCD compels me to not only have a hardback copy, but every format available of my all time favorites and classics, such as Pride and Prejudice, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit and several others.  

Favorite Genre? 
Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance (love Vampires and time travel) Medieval History and I do love a good Biography.  Houdini!!!: The Career of Ehrich Weiss by Kenneth Silverman was extremely fascinating. 

Do I ever re-read books because they were "That Good"? 
Definite YES.  I read Jane Austen P&P once a year.  I also have re-read  more than once, Karen Marie Moning's  Highlander and Fever series along with Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress and Night Prince series 

Who is my favorite Hero and Heroine? 
Jamie Fraser of The Outlander Series Why? Because he loves Claire almost to a fault!!!   He always puts her well being and safety above his own!  
Heroine is a toss up between Elizabeth Bennet and MacKayla Lane.  Very different genres I know, but I love the strong spirit, pride and determination of both women. 

Best Alpha Male? 
Hands down Jericho Barrons of the Fever Series 

Biggest Pet Peeve in books? 
Stupid  Women!!!  Always whining about being treated as an equal, putting themselves in danger, and always pushing away the man they really want to be with because of society rules or some other ridiculous notion 
 Audio Books: Horrible accents and mixing accents between different characters 
Audio Books: When the CD ends and the listener is not informed this is the end of ie. disk 1, please insert disk 2, instead the disk just loops back to the beginning of the disk.  Not a catastrophic problem I know, but this is this biggest issue that I receive feedback about  from other audio book listeners 

What is my favorite series? 
Classics: Lord of the Rings 
Contemporary: I have a few: Highlander & Fever Series by Karen Moning, Night Huntress, by Jeaniene Frost, The Survivors' Club  by Mary Balogh and last but not least  The Hathaways by Lisa Kleypas 

What era would I like to travel back in time to? 
Probably the Renaissance or maybe Victorian England. 

Which Supernatural talent would I like to have? 
Definitely to be a Vampire, with the ability to see my reflection however! 

Trashy Bits About Me 

Guilty Crush I would LOOOVE to Meet:  
1. Barrons (The Fever Series) KMM 
2. Drustan MacKeltar(Kiss of the Highlander)KMM 
3. Daegus MacKeltar (The Dark Highlander) KMM 
4. Aragorn  (Lord of the Rings Trilogy) 
5. Rhett Butler (as in Clark Gable)haha 
6. Vlad Tepes aka Dracula (Night Prince Series) 

Guilty pleasure: 
A good book, glass of wine or cup of tea(depending on the time of day) comfy off the shoulder t-shirt, Mozart playing in the background and my relaxing couch! 

Guilty Book Read: 
50 Shades I hate to admit.  I really loved this book.  Sure  Christian Grey was a bit of a "freak" but I enjoyed how he evolved and healed from this abused and stand-offish character, to become a very loving and emotionally involved Man!  Plus it is sexy as all get out, IMO when a man loves a woman as much as he loved Ana! 


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