Thursday, June 8, 2017

Corruption of the Heart by Jessica Manson ~ Guest Post and Giveaway

Corruption of the Heart
Jessica Manson
Publication date: January 3rd 2017
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance
Lilith Carson was a normal girl whose parents died suddenly. She moves to a different state with her aunt, and she cuts herself off from everyone. Until one day, when her crush appears beside her in the library. From there, they fall in love, fast and hard.
Lilith finds out that when she turns eighteen, she will transform into a Vampire-Witch hybrid. When a vampire conceives a female, that female already has a mate chosen for her. When Lilith was conceived, there was a mistake. Her world is turned upside down when she must choose between two guys she barely knows.
Lilith has chosen the guy of her dreams and has settled into a life that she thinks is perfect. But nothing is ever as it seems. She will soon face the ultimate betrayal by someone she loves deeply.

How to Find the Man of Your Dreams
by Jessica Manson

Finding the perfect man is every woman’s dream. But how do you turn dream into reality? There is no guarantee that you will ever find him but surely there are things we can do as women to make those dreams come true.
1-      Know yourself first.

You can’t give yourself to someone else until you know what you want. You have to know what your expectations are, what your needs are, and what it is you are looking for. You need to be honest with yourself about your own faults. What can you change about you to make you a better person? Really knowing yourself will help you understand what you want from a relationship.

2-      Don’t expect perfection
Don’t expect the perfect man to be perfect. Everyone has flaws including you so don’t expect anything different from a man. The key is finding a man with flaws that you can live with. Be quick to forgive those little annoying habits that get on your nerves but I can guarantee that you have an annoying habit too. If you except perfection you will end up being too picky. Now just because you don’t expect perfection doesn’t mean you have to settle.
3-      Be happy being alone and love yourself
In order to be happy with the man of your dreams you first have to be happy with your own company. If you don’t love who you are as a person you will never love the person you end up with.
4-      Get experience

You will need to get some experience before you can find the man of your dreams. Go on dates with different types of guys and find out what type suits you the best. Step outside of your comfort zone. You never know, maybe that is where the man of your dreams is waiting.

5-      Compromise
Stand your ground on what really matters to you but know when to compromise. Don’t cut a guy lose just because he only meets parts of your criteria. Have an open mind and adjust your criteria list to things you can live with and things you cannot. It is all about balance, making each other happy and fulfilling each other’s needs.

Author Bio:
Jessica started writing when she was 10 years old. She started out writing poetry which has been published in several Poetry Society books as well as on the Internet. She won the Publisher’s Choice Award for her poem A Lost Soul. She has always had an addiction to reading which is what lead her to become an author. Her debut book is Corruption of the Heart.


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