Monday, November 6, 2017

Tools4widsom Planner review

2018 planner is on left and 2017 is on right

Tools4Wisdom 2018 Planner review

Yep, its that time of the year again. Time to find your planner and start planning. 

If you’re anything like myself you have way too much going on in your life for the little time you have in a day and then you have the getting old thing drawing so near that you manage to forget something you were going to do by the time you get up and go into the another room, so you need help with keeping track of things go get done in a day. It’s no matter if you stay at home or go to work, a planner will be a very good tool for you to use each day, to keep track of doc appointments, schedule reading, activates for the kids, bills and so on.

I was lucky to get one of these planners last year at amazon’s resale store for cheap and found it way better than the Passion planner that I had been buying for a few years. I was so impressed I had to buy another one for 2018.

Differences between Tooks4wisdom and Passion planner
Although both Tools4wisdom and Passion planner are almost the same they have a few differences and I will list a few below.
I love that you can fold Tools4wisdom planner unlike the Passion planner that has to say open.
 Tools4wisdom lets me layout my top goals instead of make a map with circles.  
Tools4wisdom lets me fill out my yearly goals on one page, so I can see it all of the time. Stay focused!
And the monthly tabs are a live saver. 

Now, for the new updates for 2018 planner
I am someone that goes over and beyond to buy made in the USA first and when I noticed Tools4wisdom was made in the US, I was very much happy with that.
I really love the new feature added of areas of focus, the categories you get are overall, innovation, health and body, and health mind and soul, family and loved ones, growth, career and business and finance.

The biggest change I really love is times on the weekly schedule. In the 2017 planner the time started at 7 am and for an early bird like me that will have yoga, walking, breakfast and sometimes shopping completed before 7pm it was a huge bummer for me and then there was the 8 pm ending. Well, sometimes I would still be having things to do after 8 pm so, that makes the new ending at 10 pm really work well for me.

I love the look and feel of my 2017 planner and it was a bit let down when my new soft cover arrived, but as I started looking at it the more I became to like it better. The older version soft cover when folded it would stick a lot as the months went by and the updated version doesn’t, so I can live with the change as long as it holds up thought 2018.

Take a look at Tools4wisdom website and see if their planner is right for you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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