Friday, March 16, 2018

Romance book review Say Yes by L.K. Shaw

 Title: Say Yes 
Author: L.K. Shaw 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Length: 134 pages 
Source: Author request
Reviewed by: Laurie
Sexual Rating 4

Friends make the best lovers. Or so Casey Santiago thinks.

For ten years, she’s lived with the memories of an abusive childhood. Now, she’s ready to make new ones. Who better to help her than her best friend, Philip Maxwell?

When she approaches him with her shocking proposal, he hesitates. Sex complicates things.
Can Casey convince Philip that their friendship is strong enough to withstand anything, including falling in love?

Say yes, will melt hearts of romance readers.

This is a short story about two longtime friends saying yes to taking their relationship into the love waters, it’s both emotional and sweet. You get a good glimpse of the characters past, present, and future lives.  The characters are very likable so once the story ends you’ll be saying I want more, but it’s not meant to be anymore. 

I recommend this to anyone who wants a quick hot read about two friends saying yes to taking their friendship deeper and with complications in their way. 

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