Friday, September 14, 2018

Cozy mystery review of Read and Gone (The Haunted Library Mysteries #2) by Allison Brook

Title: Read and Gone (The Haunted Library Mysteries #2) 
Author: Allison Brook
Source: NetGalley
Genre: Cozy Mystery 
Length: Novel
Reviewer: Laurie
Rating: 3 

A devoted dad is as precious as diamonds, but Carrie Singleton wouldn't know since her dad Jim's been on the lam most of her life. In an unusual family reunion, she finds Jim breaking into her cottage in the middle of the night. The fun really starts when he begs her to help him recover his half of a seven-million-dollar gem heist he pulled off with the local jeweler, Benton Parr. When she refuses, Jim takes off again.

Carrie finds her father again behind bars for the recent murder of Benton Parr. Who made the connection? Unbeknownst to her, Carrie's boyfriend Dylan, an insurance investigator, has been searching for the gems. Determined to find the jewels herself, she starts examining every facet of Parr's life. She turns up a treasure trove of suspects, one of whom bashes her on the head as she's searching the victim's country cabin.

Retreating to the quiet confines of the library where she works, Carrie watches as Smokey Joe, the resident cat, paws at a hole in the wall. Is he after the library's ghost Evelyn, or something shinier?

Read and Gone offers a good story, a good mystery with multiple murders and a great main character named Carrie which is stuck in the middle trying her best to figure it all out. To tell you the truth I really enjoyed the story all except for one thing that I was missing and this is why I gave Read and Gone 3 stars. The resident library ghost was just about nonexistent in the story and for a series that is called The Haunted Library, it left me disappointed.  So, even though I found this a good solid mystery as a reviewer I have to look at all the aspect of the story. 

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