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Thank you for requesting a review from Bitten by Romance. Before requesting, please remember our review request guidelines:

  1. The book must be either adult or new adult - nothing that would specifically target those under the age of 18. The book must be romance! 
  2. No short stories. Exception: Anthologies or short stories that are part of a series that we have already reviewed. Novellas are welcomed.
  3. Please read through our reviewer preferences below the form. Not all of us enjoy the same things and combinations. Feel free to list on the form which reviewer you think would be most interested in your book.
  4. We will respond with a yea or nae within 60 days of receiving your request. A nae does not always mean we didn't find your book intriguing, it may mean we just didn't have the time. You are more than welcome to submit again, but please don't spam us every month.
  5. We are giving preference to new releases submitted as an ARC or within the first month of release.
  6. If the form below does not load, you can find it HERE.

Jasmyn is the main reviewer and writer at Bitten by Romance. She enjoys reading just about anything, but is quite particular when it comes to having a well edited story. She reads across the romance genres, including menage, M/M, and F/F

Vasthi always loved to read stories as a kid, especially fairytales, but it wasn't until she read her 1st full length novel in 7th grade that she truly became a book addict! Her favorite genres are historical romance, paranormal romance (she loves vampires and time travel), medieval history, and she loves a good biography. You can learn more about Vashti HERE,

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  1. Hi Jasmyn,
    I provided the link to the Kindle version of my book, but if you're willing to review it, I can have my publisher send you a free copy. Please let me know at my email address:
    Thank you


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