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Authors "Take On" reviews Stacey Kennedy Day 7

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Today we have author Stacey Kennedy!

Is there something specific you look for in a review? If so what?
Hmmm…tough question.  Of course, I look for honesty.  I want to know what the reviewer liked and disliked about my book.  It’s a good way to learn and see how to improve my writing.  I like to hear how they connected with my characters, or if they didn’t.  I enjoy reading about their favorite scenes and what parts of the story captivated them.  
And it always makes me blissfully happy when I read a review that is full of gush!

If you send your books to a book review blog is there something specific you look for when you’re looking at their blog?
One thing I look at is genres.  Do they enjoy the types of books I write?  It’s pretty silly to send a book in for review in a genre they have no interest in.  It’s a guarantee the story probably won’t get read and if it does it won’t be accepted well.  The other thing is knowing what type of books the reviewer enjoys.  If the reviewer tends to love dark fantasy and I submit a humorous romance, clearly she/he will not enjoy the book and find my characters ridiculous. So it’s kinda like a partnership for me finding a reviewer who I mesh with and who 
enjoys the same type of stories that I do.

What types of review do you like best: short or long?

Truthfully, it doesn’t matter to me.  It’s not the length, it’s the quality.  I’ve had some amazing long reviews of gush and also some shorter ones.  As long as the reviewer hits on the key aspects of the story, I’m happy.

 What do you think about spoilers in reviews?

I don’t mind them as long as there is a warning.  Sometimes a reviewer is just too excited to not share and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.  In fact, it makes me giddy to read a review where the reviewer cannot stop themselves from being overly excited about the climax or the cliffhanger in a book.

Now, let’s talk about rating systems. On a scale of 1-5 stars, what would be your opinion of the ratings? Starting with the lowest at one first.
1.  Why even both reviewing it?  If anyone reads a book where they will give it a one star do the author a favor and skip it all together.  I’ve been contacted before about reviewers who have not connected with my book and I respected that they choose to pass it over.  You won’t hurt an author by telling them you think it’s best for you not to review.  It will hurt more to see a one star next to their work.
2.  This rating means to me that you disliked the majority of the story, yet there were some parts that were enjoyable.  I do feel that if you are going to give a two star rating it’s very important to tell why.  So the readers understand what didn’t work in the story for you, but what did and why you choose to review it.  It leaves it open for interruption.  Was it just the reviewer who found some parts unbelievable or did the story really fail?
3. I liked it!  That’s usually what a three star means to me.  The reviewer enjoyed the story, but there were problems with it that caused them to not LOVE it! 
4. I loved it!  The story hit all the right places and they had a really fun time reading it.
5. The book touched their soul and they adored every darn minute of it.  They’ll think about it for days to come and may even read it again!!  Authors LOVE five stars, but of course not every book is going to warrant such an amazing review. 

What do you think about sexual ratings?  Some reviewers use them.
I think it’s VERY important to have heat ratings.  Truth be told, if a reader has no idea they are picking up an erotic novel and then they get to the steamy parts it could shock them!  Which…only results in unhappy readers because they didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. 

What do reviewers do that irks you the most?
 I have two HUGE pet peeves that I’ve seen in reviews.
One:  Witty harsh comments!  I know of two reviewers who think they are being funny with their smart mouths, and I won’t lie that there is some amusement in it.  But I don’t take these reviews seriously.  For an author who doesn’t have my sense of humor these types of comments would be horrible for one’s confidence and just cruel.
Two:  Posting a snippet from a story and trashing it.  I’ve seen this done a few times and I find it so insulting (thankfully it hasn’t happened to me…yet), but every time I read a review that has it I cringe.  It’s one thing to say that certain parts of a story didn’t sit right, even explain the reasons behind why the reviewer felt that way, but to take a piece of the authors writing poke fun at it and belittle the idea the author had. Oh no, that for me 
is a no-no and just flat out MEAN!

What do you think about awards given to books by a review blogger?
 I LOVE THEM!!  LOL!  I think it’s a great way for reviewers to share the stories that touched them.  And there is no better feeling in the world for an author when they receive such an honor.
As readers/reviewers we love book giveaways. How do you feel about them?
I think I’m the giveaway Queen!  I’m all for them!  I giveaway lots of books because it makes me feel good to do so.  Who doesn’t want a free read!?   It’s a great way of bringing authors and readers together!!

What’s the turnaround time expected when you give a reviewer a book to review?
For me, I have no expectations.  Reviewers are busy…very busy.  Whenever they get time to squeeze in one of my stories for a review I appreciate it.  

What would be your best piece of advice for a book blogger/reviewer?
Always remember, if you review a book that means nothing to you….it means something to the author.  We grow attached to our characters, live their lives through them, so when someone says “not-so-nice” things about them it hurts.  Behind every book is an author who has spent hours upon hours developing the story, time away from their family, time when they could be relaxing, and poured their heart into that book.  You don’t have to love a story…you don’t even have to like it, but remember your review is taken personally, even though everyone tells an author not to take it that way.  So be critical, be honest, but remember that author is a person and their work is their baby!!

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  1. So, I don't Tweet so I'm unable to share but I wanted to you to know that I've loved reading the Authors "Take On" reviews. Its been very informative & fun to read. I hope you do it again. xx

  2. Once again Laurie thank you for doing this. I also want to thank Stacey for taking the time to answer your questions. I have enjoyed these posts all week long.

  3. This is a fantastic post once again. I have to disagree (from a readers perspective) on not posting 1 rating reviews. I have only had one book in 3 years get that rating but I would feel like I would be dishonest to my fellow readers not posting honestly what I felt about the book. If I finish a book, it gets a review---now I will pass on posting which books I didn't finish. Not all books have to appeal to everyone and DNF's usually will appeal to someone!

  4. I really like this feature! This is the first one l have read as l need to catch up but it is so useful.
    I agree about 1 star ratings totally!!
    Also l think it's great you take the time to look at the genre, l get lots of emails asking me to review a genre of book l don't read and l hate turning them down but l know l won't enjoy it!

  5. I enjoyed the post. It's always good to see reviews from the other side, not just from the readers point of view, but the author's. I don't read many books that I don't absolutely love, I guess I'm not that critical, but on the few occasions I've just hated a book, I try not to mention it at all, or just say it wasn't for me.

  6. Thanks for all your comments everyone!! It's great to see all the different views on reviews! ;-)

  7. I will share through facebook! (Just as soon as I finish writing this comment). I really enjoyed the interview. It's nice to know it's not the length of the review but what it says that matters to Stacey. I just finished reading her book Forever Bound this morning, and wanted to review it . . but I HATE giving anything away. I like to let someone else know how I felt and give a little background, but I want others to find their own passion for the story (if that makes sense). I haven't read a bad Stacey Kennedy book yet, I guess I gotta keep reading. (Not that I expect there to ever be. I'm a SK Fan all the way).

    ladybug07999 at yahoo dot com

  8. Great interview, Stacey! It was great to hear your take on this. And thanks for the chance to win Whatnots & Doodads!! :)

  9. I often find my sense of humor coming out in my reviews. I try to write the review and then give myself a couple of days to edit out some of humor that might be taken the wrong way. I'm glad to know I'm on the right track. Thanks for the giveaways!

  10. Great interview. It was really neat to hear how authors feel about reviewers. I feel the same way, if I totally do not like a book I would just not review it. Why go through a whole book and not like a single thing. I would just give up and move on. I feel bad when I see people bashing authors.

    Also I always just write what comes out of my head. I never over analyze my reviews because then it feels fake to me. I know I should be more professional but it wouldn't feel like me if I was.

    Anyways great interview. Both you girls are awesome!

  11. Full of gush for the WIN! ;-)
    I really liked the way your explained the rating for #2: " Was it just the reviewer who found some parts unbelievable or did the story really fail?" Nice.
    Givaways also for the WIN :-)
    I enjoyed the interview!


  12. Thank you for this chance to win Whatnots & Doodads! Loved the interview!
    Linda T.

  13. Thank you Stacey for sharing your opinions with us!

    rootml1 AT hotmail DOT com

  14. I shall remember that about 1 star gradings, if I ever wanna give a book that


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