Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ARC review Visions of Skyfire by Regan Hastings

Title: Visions of Skyfire (The Awakening #2)
Title:Regan Hastings
Source: Author request
Genre: Dark Paranormal romance- Witch
Format: Mass paperback
Release Date: October 4, 2011

Teresa Santiago has awakened her abilities to summon lightning but is unable to control her power-or her attraction to Rune, her Eternal protector and destined partner. Now, Teresa and Rune must locate a missing artifact of unimaginable power before it unleashes the forces of darkness on the world. But with enemies both mortal and magical on their trail, Teresa and Rune discover that only through sacrifice will love conquer all...

Regan Hastings didn’t miss a beat in the sequel of her The Awaking series. I couldn’t get enough of Teresa, Rune or the awesome storyline. As in the first book you get a sizzling action pack romance story. This book goes deeper into the story on how these witches came into their current predicament. I really enjoyed the surprises that came about during the adventure Rune and Teresa had in getting to Teresa’s Artifact piece. That also reminds me I loved the addition on the mystery, darkness and magic around each witch’s Artifact and I can’t wait to see what Reagan will add in the next book.

Teresa is one tuff and powerful witch. I loved her power and how she took to her Eternal Rune. Rune is also very powerful with his magic. When these two get together nothing will stop them. Rune and Teresa romance start out with a bang and they sizzle the pages all the way to the finish.

I simply loved this book. I haven’t had too many books this year that gave me that WOW! Affect, but this one gave me just that. I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves some sizzling magic.

I am give this one the scorcher award also because of the connection and the heat between the couple. I love it when it feels more real. 


  1. Fantastic review Laurie! You've totally sold me on this series. I can't wait to check out this scorcher!!

  2. Redzsm- Thanks. It's always hard to find a book where you really feel the two belong together, like this one.

  3. Wow! What a fabulous review! I thank you soo much. I'm so glad you love the Awakening series and that you LOVED Teresa and Rune!

    Just wait until you meet Deidre and Finn!

    Regan Hastings/Maureen Child

  4. Great review!! Book sounds like a scorcher!

  5. Maureen- Your welcome. Thank you for letting me read it. I really liked Deidre so I can't wait.

    Kristen- Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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