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Guest post with author Terry Spear

Please welcome romance author Terry Spear!!

What Happens When You’re Bitten by Paranormal Characters?

By Terry Spear
Taking it literally, if you’re bitten by a vampire, it depends on what could happen. You might live or die, but you can’t turn into one, not unless you take the biter’s blood in return.

Werewolves are different. If a werewolf bites you, you’re a werewolf. Of course, that’s not the only way to become one. If you have werewolf parents, you’re bound to be a werewolf, too. But what if only one parent is a werewolf?

That’s the problem with exceptions. There are always exceptions to the rule. Genetically speaking, it can go either way. :) That means that an offspring could have an interest in all things wolf (if this sounds like you, you might have a werewolf in your family roots), might even have more enhanced senses like a wolf, or not, and well, it’s hard to say when it comes to genetics.

You see, a werewolf and a human shouldn’t be able to have a child. Period. But in the Jurassic Park movie, the line that says something to the effect of: “Life will find a way.”…yep, that could certainly work in a werewolf/human mix too.

What about jaguar shifters? In the upcoming shifter series I had to consider how jaguar shifters came about. The problem with a jaguar’s bite is that they have the strongest bite per inch than any other animal alive. So it presents a problem. If you’re bitten by a jaguar, you’re probably not going to become a shifter. :) Or anything else. So I had to come up with another way to get around that little problem.
And that’s the fun of creating paranormal characters.

I saw a comment made by someone on another blog about how ghosts could be real, but not shifters.
Why not? In my world, they are! In fact, you just might begin to look at a helpful hunky guy and wonder…is he one? Could he be an alpha male werewolf in human disguise?

Sure! Anything is possible. You know how often something that is myth or legend is finally proved real.
But even if you don’t believe in the paranormal, it’s fun to fantasize, just the same.

In Dreaming of the Wolf, Alicia Greiston doesn’t believe in the paranormal. All she believes in is getting her man—as in she’s a bounty hunter and she’s going after the men who killed her mother. Oh, sure, she loves vampire stories, and she even thinks of them when suddenly she’s standing on a pitch dark street and a shadow moves toward her in the blackness. First thought that comes to mind is vampire. You know how it is. Just like when lightning knocked out my electricity in my apartment complex when I was taking a shower, eyes pop open (automatic reaction) and soap in eyes. Did I think: Power outage? Of course not! I thought PSYCHO!

So that’s what happens to her. For a brief moment she thinks of the paranormal, until reality sets in, and it’s much worse. Hey, a vampire could have been one of the good guys if he’d come to see her instead.
Let’s say you do meet up with this really cool Jake Silver kind of guy. And he’s really a werewolf! What is the worst thing that could happen? You tell me for a chance at having him all for yourself!!

Thanks so much for Bitten by Paranormal Romance for having me here today and celebrating with me the new release of the 8th book in the series, Dreaming of the Wolf!

Terry Spear

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”


  1. Thanks so much for having me here today, Laurie! Happy holidays! And good luck to everyone who comments. :)

  2. Thanks Terry for the commentary above. I LOVE your Heart of the Wolf series and hope to see many more in the future.

  3. Thanks so much, Kat! I've started on Tom's story, but am also working on another new Highland wolf book, since my editor came up with the title, Cearnach's story in A Highland Wolf Wedding. :)

  4. TERRY,
    I do believe THINGS DO GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT. and if I had a Jake or werewolf type of guy, Let's see. One of the worst things that could happen? I think is that he would accidently shift at the Mall. And someone takes his clothes. I'd have to buy him a new outfit, while hiding him behind the dressing room curtain.

  5. Unfortunately if I was in the shower and the power went out, even though I am a fan of the paranormal, I too would think of Psycho first.

    This sounds like such a good series. I'll have to see if the library carries these books so I can read them. Thanks for doing this post.

  6. What's the worse that could happen if I met Jake Silver? Falling madly and passionately in love with him.

  7. Donna, too funny! That would be fun! :)

    Wildaboutbones, isn't it amazing how movies can influence us like that? When I hear a snippet of the Jaws music, I see a shark coming for matter where I'm at at the time. And when I hear The Sandman, I think of a scary movie. Was it Halloween? Thanks!

    Ruth, I soooo agree!!! And he'd whisk you away to his world. :)

  8. What's the worst that could happen to me? I'd panic and humiliate myself. If I was in the shower and the lights went out I'd think phsyco too. :) Sounds like a great series!

  9. The worse thing that could happen? Guess it's that some other lucky girl gets to him first :S
    As to the shower outage I'm with you lot I'd think Psycho first too, and I never even watched the darn thing because I'm a scaredy cat :D

  10. LOL, Candice, panicking can be a problem. I hastily wiped the soap out of my eyes, grabbed a towel, and walked through the pitch black apt to see if the rest of the lights were out in the complex, or just mine. All were out.

    Ilona, too funny! Absolutely. If another wolf gets him before you do, you're sunk! But the good thing is, he has a brother Tom. Triplet brother. So they look very much alike.

    LOL about not watching the movie. My parents loved horror stories, but my kids don't. *sigh*

  11. Your welcome Terry! I am happy to have you on the blog again. I found your books on netgalley and grabbed one, can't wait to read it.
    Happy Holidays!


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