Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Review Reawakening by Charlotte Stein

Title: Reawakening (Forever Dead, #1)
Author: Charlotte Stein
Source: Self purchase
Genre: Erotic/Horror
Length: Novel

June has spent the last two years of her life trying to avoid death at the hands of murderous psychopaths and ravening zombies. So when Jamie turns up on the scene, careless, still whole and promising her safety on a little paradise island, she isn’t quite sure she can trust him. Especially when he tells her that it’s just him, and his equally big, burly, handsome friend Blake.

But Jamie and Blake are even better than her wildest dreams—sweet and funny and charming. And worst of all: sexy as hell. Though they're trying to be gentlemanly with her, all she can think about is how much she wants to get tangled up in them, and forget the nightmare the world has become. She's waiting for her reawakening—back to life and happiness and love.

And they seem like just the right sort of men to wake her—body and soul.

Rating -

Erotic horror, you say? How does that happen?  Well, let me enlighten you.  The world has gone Zombie apocalypse crazy.  There are a few theories on how it happened, but theories mean nothing when you're trying to survive.  June is our heroine and she's no weakling.  Two years of surviving will do that to a gal, I suppose.  After being rescued by two gorgeous, but very different men she's taken to their safe-haven.  At first she's emotionally numb, but gradually comes out of her shell and gets to know Jaime and Blake better.  All three have some post traumatic problems, but honestly who wouldn't after the world has essentially ended?  Think Dawn of the Dead/28 Days Later.  Things progress and June starts seeing her guys as more than just friends (thanks to some highly erotic dreams).  Feelings of survivor's guilt prolongs their eventual "coming together," but once it happens it is HOT. 

One of the great things about this book is that, unlike a lot of menage stories, there are feelings of awkwardness and jealousy.  Sometimes when I'm reading menage it's unbelievable how quickly it happens and how A-okay everyone feels about it.  June, Blake, and Jamie are believable characters with believable flaws.  It does have a HEA, but was a bit rushed. I would have loved an epilogue, but it does leave it open for a sequel which I will devour within hours of it's release, I'm sure :) 

Favorite quote
"Everything was awake and alive again--not dead and empty, like the world beyond--because they were here, together, on this island, with each other."

Disclaimer :  Zombies = death and blood, so if you're not into that scene it's not for you.  Also, this is a menage so expect some anal play.


  1. Hmmm, this might be my first zombie book. I just haven't felt the call even though zombie movies are my favorite.

  2. If you liked 28 Days later you'll probably love this book as much as I did. Most of the conflict is internal, with the characters struggling with with things that have happened to them and how the world has changed. There are some throw-downs with zombies too, if you like action scenes :)

  3. I just wanted to thank you for reading, and for the lovely review. It made my day!

    Charlotte Stein

  4. Thank you for liking my review :) Make sure to let me know when the sequel is planned for release! I'm itching to read it.


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