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As the owner of this blog most of you never hear from me about anything, but something has happened and well, I have to say it’s pissed me off to no end. So, here is my rant below.

I am here today to inform everyone that I took off a review of Teaching Between Midnight and Dawn because the author called my reviewer the devil. I AM HERE TO SAY THESE REVIEWS ARE OUR OPINIONS, IF YOU DON'T WANT OUR OPTIONS THEN DON'T SEND THE REQUEST. You have no clue the work we put into reading books and reviewing them for freaking free!

 I’ll say this once if you don’t like my blog or my reviewers you don’t have to visit here and as the owner I can take off any post I want, so piss off.

To this author please don't come back. 

Here's the comment I wouldnt publish and no I didn't make the post where you couldn't comment again that's a flat out lie, but I did take off the post after I seen the author called reviewers of the devil. If anyone notices this person has never read the book and she is from the publishing company. 
By; Nina Simone
(no relation to the amazing singer lol)

Wow, is all that I can say. I happen to be on facebook, and saw that the author of the book actually put this on her page, and I was shocked that she would put this out there for people to see. 

That being said, I wasn't sure what was going on here. I read the excerpt from her book, and myself found it kinda interesting. However, the reason that I'm posting, is for an entirely different matter.

I myself work in the publishing business, so I won't say that I am a expert ( well yeah I am lol) but I was quite astounded at the Artemis' review. 

I wasn't sure what rubbed her the wrong way; whether it was the concept of history and mythology, or the fact that the author used ethnic slangs, British slangs,( because that's what they were, at least the parts that I read, Scottish is a completely other world language hahah), the fact that the author chose to spell certain words so that, I am assuming that the reader would keep in mind that the wolves were Scottish; or the curse words? (I mean c'mon, what paranormal doesn't have an overly extended use of the F' bomb?)

As well, was it because the author appears to be of Latin decent, I am presuming because of the last name. Now, I can completely understand the reviewer not liking the work, because in this business we get all kinds lol, but I was kinda turned off by what she wrote; 

"The second of these reasons was the flow and ebb of the story. During the first half of it, I felt like I was sitting in a Lycan History 101 class which was being served up with a side of Egyptian Myth Intro….snore…zzzzz." 
This actually makes me want to read the book lol, to see if her review has any validity to it.

My point is this; we in this business tend to often times set ourselves up as sitting demi-gods, who have the power to say yea or nae (myself included), and we sometimes miss the concept that this is someone's life's dream, whether well written or not. 

I fell like a simple "I didn't get this book", "The story moved too slow for me", or "I JUST DIDN'T LIKE", would have worked just as well. To me, the reviewer Artemis sounded a bit Spiteful and Childish.

Inasmuch as the review meant, I assume to discourage people from reading this book, I believe Artemis did the exact opposite, and for that I'm glad for the author. I plan on contacting her and asking for a copy myself.
But then, that's JMO, and you know what they say about those...:) 

Artemis review below
This was a very difficult book for me to read for a couple of reasons. The first and foremost one being the language and grammar used throughout the book. I’m not quite sure if it was done intentionally or not but it grew tiresome very quickly. It was a mixture of street slang, Scottish brogue and horrendous spelling. Just one small example: 

“Actually, I wudna have given ye a choice. I knew who ye were from the beginning, the rest was just preliminaries.” He returned absently with a frown looking at the desk. I just stared at him open mouthed stupidly. The rest! Just preliminaries! Who the hell was this man?

“What? You were seriously gonna just kidnap me?”

“If it came to that then yes. Ye must not, and canna stey here Arieanna! Ye wud be dead before I ever boarded the flight. Ye are my ward now; and I’ve given ma word.”

The constant mispronunciation of words got on my last nerve along with the overuse of the word “fucken”. 

The second of these reasons was the flow and ebb of the story. During the first half of it, I felt like I was sitting in a Lycan History 101 class which was being served up with a side of Egyptian Myth Intro….snore…zzzzz. The story picks up, but I got more confused than ever before it was all over and done, with the influx of characters and acronyms. I’m exhausted after reading this book ! there ! are ! so ! many ! exclamation ! points ! and ! words ! that ! use ! them ! I ! need ! to ! lay ! down ! and ! take ! a ! nap!!! 

Lastly, the story itself. Arieanna, our heroine, could be the twin of our hero, Auron’s, dead wife, Annabeth. WTF!!! If that doesn’t give you pause, try this one on: Arieanna is also a descendant of Annabeth, several generations removed. Just too bizarre for me. Yet, Auron declares his love is based on scent and not on sight. You know, he’s got that Lycan thing going for him and all is well. The story introduces too many characters, preternaturals, groups and ideas to give any of them a firm and solid background. The characters are one dimensional and uninteresting. 

And for the life of me, I could never figure out just what the title of the book meant in relation to the story. 

I will never tolerate anyone trashing any of my reviewers because no one knows the time that we put into a reviews. I will say its time that is taken from out lives just to try something you may not like or like. Then to receive stuff like this, I think not. Lord only knows why I keep this blog going.....



  1. Wow people really need to chill out! Why they have to call names and just plain insult is out right crazy! If you don't like something just say you don't like it, no need to trash people!

  2. People can be so mean spirited. I find that authors should take the mature approach. All reviewers go through this. No one is going to like everything they read. Sometimes people need to take a time out. Don't worry about it.

  3. People truly amaze me. If you don't want a honest review don't submit. It's scary to put yourself out there, but as an author you know the review that doesn't send you into a happy dance is just around the corner. So learn from it, get over it and move on. Awesome rant by the way Laurie!

  4. Sad that they forget that it is a review and so you have freedom to write what you think. That is the purpose of it. So good for you for posting an honest review, I appreciate it. (even if an author is put off by it) They should remember that even bad reviews can make people want to read a book, like this review would have had I not known how the author reacted.

  5. A Review is an opinion, what do they not get about that. Also if a reviewer just plain says I don't like this book. Then the authors get mad because they did not give any reasons why they didn't like it.

    I don't know whats been going on in the blog world lately, but it seems a lot of drama keeps happening.

  6. Wow, authors really need to chill. They should know not everyone will like this book. Besides, a review isn't helpful if the reviewer doesn't give reason for not liking it. If that's all authors want to know, a 2 or 1 star with do. What's the point in writing a long review? It's because we want to say why we didn't like the book. Geez.


  7. Oh, dang! you know that we, best erotica reviewers, are determineted to give our honest reviews, whether the authors like to hear or not.

    If an author doesn't want to submit her or his erotica book for an honest review via our blog, then it's obviously that she/he may be quite chicken out for trying. But, we are too tired of some authors' very sensitive feelings over their book reviews, you know?

    By the way, your blog looks incredibly hottest and sexy! We love it!

  8. That's the thing about art, not all reviewers are going to like yours. That author had better grow a thicker skin or hang up the keyboard.

  9. Wow, your reviewer wasn't making any kind of personal attack on the author, instead she clearly explained why the book didn't work for her. If that's not allowed in a book review, then I don't know what is! Anyway, if the excerpt is an example of the quality of the writing in the book, I think Artemis' assessment was right on. We need MORE honest reviews, not less.

  10. That is just ridiculous. A review is supposed to be honest. I actually loved the review that she gave because it was so honest. She was in no way personally attacking the author. I also wouldn't have enjoyed the book because of the slang and grammar, even though I know it was probably supposed to be written that way.

    Authors should not automatically assume a positive review when they send out a request.

  11. That's an absurd attack by the author. Seriously sorry you had to go through this.

  12. First of all I love this blog, its honest reviews & recognize all the hard work y'all put into it! Thank you gals for everything you do for your followers!! Just wanna say how much I enjoy Artemis's honest & well written rviews. I hope this author didn't get to either one of you to much.

    I agree with what everyone else has said. This author shouldn't of sent the book to be reviewed here if they didn't want an honest review! They need to accept the criticism & learn from their mistakes so they can improve next time or pick a new career! I think Artemis's review was spot on and I for one won't be purchasing this authors work in the future.

    Laurie, I'm glad you took the book review off your page! She doesn't deserve to get anymore free advertizing from BBPNR. She was way outta line!


  13. i think i would rant too if i came across that. i know where your coming from since i have my own review blog and havent added any extra reviewers....for almost this last yr i have put most of my time into writing reviews, pimping authors and spreading words. Its just wrong what happened. Everyone gets their own opinion and like you said they dont need to send the books in. Some books are gonna be a hit or miss and i can see why Artemis would get irritated at the spelled wrong words. So good on you and your reviewer for saying exactly what you think !!!

  14. What is wrong with people these days? Everyone is going to have their opinions. Not everyone is going to agree with something.

    I'm sorry you had to go through this.

  15. I am sorry that you and the blog were attacked like this. I don't know about everyone else, but when an author attacks a blogger for their honest review of a book, it makes me never want to read their books. Not everyone will enjoy the same books, music, art, etc. Although a negative review might hurt your feelings, ranting about the blogger in public only negatively affects your image. If you want to complain about it, do so in private to a trusted friend/family member.

    I personally love your reviews. I hope that you continue with the blog and don't let other people drag you down.

  16. I love how the author, on her Facebook rant claims that you have conspiratorially erased the Nina comment. I see that you posted it on you blog today. Just what type of conspiracy are you playing here Laurie? Authors like her are the reason I am no longer accepting review request from authors. If I buy it with my husbands hard earned money I feel like I can say what I want about the book. So sorry you gals are dealing with this!

  17. I can't believe that the author and publisher person acted this way. So, your reviewer didn't like the book, big deal. A LOT of people had a hard time reading Stacia Kane's Downside Ghosts series because of the language, that type of language is not for everyone. The reviewer didn't get into the book, didn't connect with the characters, that's her opinion. If the author doesn't like that, tough cookies, chances are more than 1 reader will feel that way, but I'm sure other readers will love it. That's just the way it goes... the author should have just left this issue alone and ignored the review and moved on.

    So sorry your blog was attacked like this, and thanks for standing up for your reviewer!

  18. I am so sorry you are dealing with this. I also had an issue with an author who couldn't stomach a less-than-stellar review and started calling me names, as well as insulting other commenters. It's really awful when it happens.

    That author needs thicker skin and that "publishing professional" is really way off base. Yes, the book may be someone's dream, but that doesn't make it a *good* book and it doesn't make it deserving of a good review. Artemis was fair in her review, laying out in detail what she found fault with - exactly what you want in a review.

    And a note to both the author and the publisher: when you bash reviewers like this, you are shooting yourself in the foot. If readers cannot trust us to provide honest reviews, then they won't read the reviews, and it will be that much harder for readers to find new books and authors. If you don't want an honest review, stick to letting your relatives review it on Amazon. Don't bother nice, honest book bloggers with it.

  19. I have not read this book, but as a history major in school, I appreciate authors including history into their work.

    With that said...boring people to sleep is not the way to do it. Some author's pull it off where you don't feel like you are sitting in class.

    I'm sure she's not the first author to get a bad review, but she doesn't have the grace to move on and focus on the good reviews. Even though Roger Ebert gets paid to review movies, they are still opinions. I've disagreed with him many times.

    Laurie, you are perfectly justified for being angry. I would be too...actually I am angry for your reviewer. Your reviewer doesn't deserve to be treated like that from an author. You are doing them a service for free and they should appreciate that you are passionate readers that are giving your opinions about books.

  20. It's definitely an honest review, I can give it that. But maybe, it could have been written a bit more.. polite? I mean, there was a book I hated so much because of poor writing (not even the story itself) that I just wanted to bash the author, but I found a way to say it in a diplomatic way without absolutely putting down the author and destroying their self-esteem. That's just me though, maybe I'm too scared that this would happen to me.

    On the other hand, I see the point where the reviewer would get offended especially being called a devil. That's uncalled for. The least the author could do is accept the fact that there's no way of pleasing everyone. It's not possible. Take it like a professional and move on.

    Maybe ask the author next time to send a couple chapters first before committing to it? I was asked recently to review a book but I turned it down after just reading THE FIRST PAGE from the sample. That way, there's no wasted time and effort in both party :)

    Hope this thing doesn't happen to you all again...

  21. I heard about this from robsad79. So glad I came across your post. You are, of course, completely correct in your reaction. As I told Robyn, opinions are as different as each unique individual and authors should learn to take the negative ones with a grain of salt. Not everyone is going to like a book...period.

  22. Craziness!
    I love Artemis' reviews. She is honest, direct and to the point, and says what she thinks. Each reviewer has their own style but I think if you are going to request a review from someone you should check out their past reviews first and make sure you jive with their style.
    That being said, everyone enjoys different things so what Artemis might not have liked about the book, another reader might love. A review, good or bad, is still getting the word out there about the book regardless. I don't think some authors/publishers realize how much time it takes to shift through review requests, set them up, read the book and then actually review it and post it on all the different sites. And you're right, we do all this free of charge, just for the love of reading.
    I would be upset too if I were in your position so vent on girl! We are all here for you and your fabulous reviewers! XOXO

  23. I frankly enjoyed the review and thought it has some really good points :)

  24. From the Author of the book Teaching Between Midnight & Dawn: Alexandria Infante. I am sure this won't be posted, but here it is anyway...

    I find the lot of you hysterically funny. Did any of you actually read the posts on Facebook before you began to judge me, something the entire lot of you are ranting about in this post as to what you assumed that I did to Artemis.

    Can we say hypocrites?

    If any of you would have read both posts on my facebook page you would have seen that it was a pun, for my children, and people who have watched and love the "Waterboy". As for bad reviews, this was not my first. And my skin is thick, profuse, copious, or any other euphuism you’d like to use, because I choose to write this genre, am a teacher in a predominately white field, and am multiracial; so I know people don't always like what we do.

    There is such a thing as honesty yes, and I am not stupid or naive enough to believe that everyone will like my work. I teach Literature and Art History, and Arte is subjective; but I do feel like there is a way to say something. And yes your reviewer was honest, but at the same time she was callous to other people's feelings. Whether painfully honest or not.

    Sometimes, reviewers need to leave their lofty perches, and put their scepter down for one moment to take into consideration that you are 1. Speaking to millions of people, (just because you don't like it doesn't mean that someone else won't. Don't prejudice it for other people. I don't like Twilight, but I don't bash Steph, because whether i like it or not, millions of people do. so she must be doing something right.) and 2. How would you feel if someone did that to you? And often times if you were honest with yourselves, the pomposity of reviewers can be overwhelming.

  25. Post Cont...
    It’s easy for you posters to say, people need to grow up, develop a thicker skin, get over themselves, suck it up, or hay just move on. I would like to see if the same sage admissions would smoothly seep from your lips if Si el zapato fue sobre el otro pie. Which ironically, is exactly what you are accusing me of doing.

    I think that shoe and other foot fits nicely here.

    However, it was the only review that was done in that way. Coffee Time Romance didn't like the Brit Speak, Spanglish or slangs; the difference is Danielle had decorum in how she did it. And believe me I won't be back to your site, because you have decided rules that don't apply to others; authors particularly.

    The tongue in cheek of the entire muck, is if any of you on here were put in the same situation with something you loved, whether it was your work, something you painted, a book, charity you take heart in, where you put integrity in, anything that truly means something to you and someone chose to bash it; I'd want to see just how many of you truly would "bite your lip". Which is fine it’s "Your" site as you so unmistakably put it.
    But if you intend on bashing me, it is only right that I get to rebut.

    As for your posters, before you judge someone, maybe you should get all of the facts first. Read the post on facebook for yourselves, instead of making conclusions without the complete facts.

    I see your Honesty and Professionalism only applies to what you believe Laurie. I'm sure this won't be posted, but at least you Laurie get to read it.

    As for the comment by Nina Simone, you are completely in error; she is not and was not my publisher. As for the comment she left, it was DELETED from GOOD READS; but had you people read the entire facebook post, you would have seen that it wasn't speaking about your site here.

    And lastly, my publisher and C.E.O. is Kim Richards. She had no clue about any of this until I told her.

    As for taking things personal, I can not earthly fathom how saying someone's book was, how did she put it, "A Snore, that She needed to lay down because she was exhausted or the wft; I dare any of you on here to accept that about something you worked on with a genuine smile.
    And not take it PERSONAL.

    As the Brits say, “I’d Pay Top Bob to see it.” And if learning is a problem, so sue me.
    The end...


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