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Review of Slave to His Desires by Ashlynn Monroe

Title: Slave to His Desires
Author: Ashlynn Monroe
Source: Bought eBook
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance - Aliens
Release Date: July 18th 2011
Author's Website

Is it possible for a woman who is kidnapped and sold into slavery to find love with the man who purchases her?

As Madison Edwards is walking home one night, she finds herself face-to-face with strange alien creatures. They kidnap her and sell her into slavery. Out of place and alone, she struggles to understand the alien world where she's being held captive. Her feelings about her new master are conflicted, and she's torn between wanting to go home and wanting to fulfill all his desires.

Spontaneous and out-of-character, Jul purchases a rare human female at the market. Her people are known to have mystical sexual powers. He believes the tales are only myth until he has Madison in his home, and she soon consumes his life. She's valuable, magical, and he fears he can't protect her. His friends complicate the situation when they become involved, but they also offer him hope.

When everyone on the planet desires what you value most, it takes more than love to protect her.


Rating -


Sexual -


My Review -

I was intrigued by the blurb on Goodreads as it peaked my interest regarding a human abducted by an alien and sold off as a slave on an alien world. The author did a great job building a world where Madison is taken by a species and sold on another world with the intention of her serving as slave.

Madison is sold on a planet where slaves either engage in household chores or as sex slaves. Humans are considered rare and especially a type called a resonant where the human's emotions and connection allows the person they are with to feel immense pleasure during sex. A resonant is in tune with others' feelings and heighten their experiences. Madison seems to be one of these rare resonants.

Jul sees Madison at an auction and he finds her alluring and purchases her. Jul has no need for her, but for some reason he had to have her. Madison, unable to communicate is terrified, but Jul doesn't want her to fear him. Madison is still able to feel compassion for others despite her situation and starts to feel an attraction to Jul. Ultimately the bond that develops between the two of them is more intense then either expected. The connection they develop is life altering for them both physically and mentally but places both of them in danger.

I really enjoyed the characters, the world development, but most of all the bond that developed between the two which I wished didn't end so soon.



  1. Sounds like a hot read. Is it novella length?

  2. Wow, what an interesting premise for a story! Thanks for the review.

  3. @Lexi - yes it is a quick read, a novella length that is why I didn't want it to end so soon I wanted more. :)

    @Rosalie - it was a different twist and I really like Jul. He sounded yummy and so loving. :)

  4. Thanks Ollie! I will have to check this out some afternoon =)


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