Thursday, April 26, 2012

Guest romance author Juliana Stone

Please welcome guest author Juliana Stone!

I want to thank Bitten by Paranormal Romance for having me here today, to help celebrate the release of Wicked Road to Hell.  A lot of people have been waiting months to read his book, and I am so happy he and Ana can finally have their HEA!

For today’s I thought I’d do something different and combine my love of words with my love of writing and tell you guys what song best describes each character in Wicked Road to Hell!

First off, sexy sorcerer Declan O’Hara.  He’s tall, hot, with yummy abs and a passionate nature.  He’s loyal and honourable and above all else, willing to do whatever it takes to claim the woman he loves.  He’s like an outlaw in a way and I’m thinking ‘Blaze of Glory’ by the delicious Jon Bon Jovi kinda gives me the right vibe for Declan.

Next up, Ana DeLacrux. She’s a 300 year old vampire, who appears cold and condescending.  She can be rude, harsh and cutthroat.  But she can also be tender, loving and passionate. She yearns for a child she’ll never have and a love that can’t be.  I get sad when I think about her and her past. She’s lost Declan and now that he’s back in her life their future can never happen.  I think of the Dixie Chicks, Traveling Soldier and it totally fits the mood.

Now we get to Nico.  Another tortured male with a anguished past. (what’s with me and all the tortured angst?) LOL.  He’s a Jaguar Warrior who lost his mate tragically and he thinks he’ll be alone forever.  He offered himself up in place of Julian Castille so Julian could have his HEA.  He’s kind of bitter, pissed off a lot, and willing to get down and dirty to get the job done.  I’m feeling Five Finger Death Punch here and their cover of Bad Company.  Oh yeah!

I’ve a new character in this book, alpha werewolf Ransome LaPierre.  He’s smooth as silk, fierce and a real ladies man.  He’s loyal to his pack, his friends and will do what he must to keep New Orleans Safe.  With his dark, honeyed colour looks and sweet ‘Nawlins drawl, he’s one hell of a specimen.  For him?  Burn it to The Ground by fellow Canuks, Nickelback!

I love music and I love words.  Combining them just makes sense! So, any thoughts on a theme song for the book or series?  I’d love some suggestions!

Blurb: With the legions of the underworld gathering and chaos close at hand, Sorcerer Declan O’Hara’s deadly skills will be tested. But nothing will sway him from his duty, not even her…

Rescued from eternal darkness, vampire Ana DeLacrux owes her life to a mysterious stranger who asks for only one thing—her absolute allegiance. She serves this master without question until Declan, the one man who can make her forget her vow, returns. His magic is stronger, darker…more compelling than ever. His blood awakens a hunger she must resist, or risk deadly consequences.

As Ana and Declan join forces, the streets of New Orleans become a dangerous place for both humans and the otherworld. And the most dangerous place of all is a road Declan’s traveled before…the wicked road to hell.


  1. i like t he cover and would love to read and blog on the book if you need a arch or reader




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