Saturday, May 26, 2012

ARC review of A Blood Seduction by Pamela Palmer

Ttile: A Blood Seduction (Vamp City #1) 
Author: Pamela Palmer
Source: Edelweiss 
Genre: horror, dark urban fantasy
Length: Mass paperback
Publishing date May 29, 2012 

Vampires live only for lust and pleasure in the eternal twilight of Vamp City. But the city’s magic is dying. The only person who can restore it? A beautiful woman from the mortal who knows nothing of the power she wields.

Quinn Lennox is searching for a missing friend when she stumbles into a dark otherworld that only she can see—and finds herself at the mercy of Arturo Mazza, a dangerously handsome vampire whose wicked kiss will save her, enslave her, bewitch her, and betray her.

What Arturo can’t do is forget about her—any more than Quinn can control her own feelings for him. Neither one can let desire get in the way of their mission—his to save his people, hers to save herself.

But there is no escape from desire in a city built for seduction, where passion flows hot and blood-red. Welcome to Vamp City...

When I requested this book I looked everywhere for a classification and only found romance, so I figured since Pamela Feral Warriors was paranormal romance I would be safe. Well, that ended up being a big fat NO. There is nothing about this book safe, believe me. I really wished I would have just taken the time to even email the author and ask to make sure it was romance. This is a true Urban Fantasy and it’s very dark with all the cruelty from the pain feeding vamps. There’s one scene I wish I would have never read, I still can’t get it out of my mind no matter what I try to do to get it out ugh. I will say the women don’t remember going through the pain, heck they even live through being torn apart… Needless to say the cruelty just didn’t settle well with me and I tend to like my vampires more on the violent side but this one was way too far out for me to handle. 

I’m rating this book a 3 because Pamela does an awesome job writing the story and I loved the idea of vampires using emotions to feed also, it was very different. I really liked Quinn and her brother and I liked the fact you get to read their POV too. But with no romance or HEA it’s just wasn’t my reading style.

I would recommend that you read different reviews before buying this book.


  1. I am glad you talked about the reasons you didn't care as much for this book, because your reason for not liking are the reason I would love it! I love Dark UF. thanks for the review :)

  2. A lot of people are complaining about how this book was mislabeled genre wise. I'm afraid this might actually harm Pamela Palmer's reputation. We all love the Feral Warriors series but this book is way different. If people go into it knowing that it's a dark UF then it's all good but people who have no idea might be ticked off about it.

  3. Authors can write more than one genre and enjoying her Feral series doesn't deter from enjoying this one too. I haven't bought this book since it isn't available yet here but it is on my wish list.

  4. Diane- I hope I didn't give off that impression because they can right more than one genre.

    Megan- I don't think it will hurt her other series although she might a lot a bad reviews from this one with people thinking its romance.

    Sharon- If you like it on the horror side you'll love this one because its very vivid.

    Everyone-I updated the review because the sex in the book is rape and things the vampire used in places it should go isn't flirty, so I took it off.

  5. I love Pamela's Feral Warriors series and am really glad to read this review. I had planned on getting this book and I don't mind this sort of dark vampire and feeding so I'm even more intrigued now. Thanks for the review.


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