Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Author and Their Pets day 3 with Dominique Eastwick

Please welcome Dominique Eastwick and her pets!

For the love of our Pets.

They are there when everyone else has long gone to bed. They are the constant companion reminding me that I need to get up away from my computer every now and then if only to feed them or open the back door. And they always make sure I get up when that alarm clock goes off for the third time.

I am one of those Cat and Dog people. I Love both. I love that cats are independent and do what they want. And that they love you enough to come back home, at least that’s what I keep telling myself. Chai my cat, is a pound cat, she came to our home and has added so much to our lives. Just don’t leave a suitcase open around her you will find it full of cat. She sleeps at the foot of my bed and when I write she lays right behind my computer screen watching me write. Well she started sitting in front of the screen but learned that that only got her shooed off the desk.

Then there is Suki, my crazy black lab. We lovingly refer to here as the labragator who will eat anything and everything excerpt her heartworm pill. Now Dogs you love for a completely different reason, they depend on you, they love you no matter what and all they want is you. How can you not love that? Suki pulled her dog bed from the living room into my office so she can lay down next to me. Every now and then I get a persistent nudge at my arms that says “Hey mom play with me, pet me, just show you love me.” So I get up go outside and throw the Frisbee a few times until she says okay time to go back to sleep.

Both animals have added so much to our family’s lives and to my sanity.  I can’t imagine our home without them. Tell me are you a dog or a cat person. And one lucky winner will be entered to win my book Shifting Hearts J

Shifting Hearts Book One of the Wiccan Haus Series

The Last of his Kind…Rekkus is the last of the Great Black Tiger Weres and he is content to stay that way. Working as security for The Wiccan Haus, a spa for inner healing, he has enough danger and women to keep him busy. Unfortunately the Fates are not content with him being content.
Feeling Alone and discourage…Dana has walked away from all she has known, her fiancé, family, apartment and job. Now having a ticket to the Wiccan Haus maybe the only way she can move on. But what she finds isn’t what she expects nor what she thought she was looking for.
Meet the residence of the Wiccan Haus, the proprietors, the Rowan Siblings who with powers they have honed from years of practice, do what they can to create a resort of healing and inner peace. Where Humans and Para’s reside side by side, and everyone in need of their services are welcome.

Dominique Eastwick
Author of Shifting Hearts
Coming Soon to Musa Publishing The Wiccan Haus Sirens Serenade.


  1. I am a dog and cat person but my husbands only a dog person. Thus we only have dogs! Big dogs. Great Danes. All of our pets have been from rescue groups or local vets trying to find homes for abandoned dogs. I we weren't at out limit for pets per the city laws, I'd be taking a neighbors dog, she's a herding dog mix. She does nothing with the dog but give it food (I hope) and water. I've been sneaking the dog out for walks to the park.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I am a dog and cat person, even though I've only had cats. We got my cat from the pound when he was about five months old. He was just put in a cage surrounded by large dogs. He looked so frightened, we took him home and I will never regret the decision. He followed me around like a dog and even knew what time I got home from work and would sit by the door and wait for me.
    Even though I have cat smell on me, whenever I go to someone's house who has a dog, that dog usually ends up in my lap or on my feet. I love animals.


  3. i love both too but i have a preference for my dog perhaps because he saved my life or because we are so strongly linked . My cat ios also loved but he loves to make me mad by destroying all my flowers

    i'm international


  4. I am definitely a dog person. But I haven't had one in awhile.We aren't allowed pets where we live. But they are the companions who are so devoted, loyal and lovable.Thanks for sharing about your pets. :)
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  5. I love animals of all kinds! We used to have several dogs (labs & mutts) and several cats when we lived in the country, but now we are suburbanites with two indoor kitties. They are my companions for late night writing and my husband's lap decorations for watching TV. Don't know what it is about suitcases. Get one out on the bed and both cats come running, just like with your sweet Chai. I enjoyed reading about your pets.

  6. What a sweet post. Pets can be amazing additions to our lives. I'm a fan of dogs, but mostly I'm a ferret person. I've had 13 over the years (not all at once *grin*), and I'm astounded by how much personality is packed into such a tiny little body. :-)

  7. I am a cat and dog person too. I love a cat's attitude, mine sometimes acts like the only reason he allows me to live with him is to feed him, give him treats, and pet him when (and only when) he wants fed. Oh, and to protect him from storms, LOL.

    My dogs though are little diva babies. They will wiggle and dance around like they have not seen you in years when you only spent 3 minutes going to the mailbox (which they can see from the back yard fence). My little Pekie will roll her head up, and bat her eyes just to get you to rub her more, lol. They too need protecting from storms. Whenever it storms, or my neighbors decide to set off fireworks at random stupid times, I have 1 cat, a Pekie, and a 50 lb mixed breed on me to be protected, LOL.

  8. I'm like Susan. I like cats and dogs and let's face it - all animals. I've had pet lizards, injured birds, rabbits, ferrets; you name it. But our cats and dogs have usually come from the pound, and with them they bring their er...oddball characters. Like our present labrador who is so desperate for attention she keeps nudging you or licking you. And the cat that thinks it's a dog. One thing both our animals have in common: they are both afraid of the dark and of birds. Go figure.

  9. I am a cat person; as you said they are independent , loving in a very feline way and there for you. When you are sick they lie next to you and look up at you as if the world will get better soon eyes!!!

  10. I am more of a dog person than a cat person, although I do like both. I've just not had any luck w/ cats :( But as you can see from my avatar, my puppies are my babies!

  11. Lovely, heartfelt post. My dogs and cats are essentials, too. I feel honored every day just to know them. I definitely love cats as they are fiercely independent like me and they just don't give a damn who likes them--also like me. My hubby loves dogs because dogs are the most gracious, giving, loving creatures on earth. We both agree dogs are what all humans should aspire to emulate. I don't think I could live without pets. They make our house a home.

  12. I love my dogs, a border collie named Ozzie and a cock-a-poo named Tibby, though a siamese cat would be okay but no other cats allowed at our house. The dogs keep me running, thinking and compassionate to others ways of life. Ozzie came to our house after the death of my cocke Katie. I like to think Katie sent him down this way because I was devastated. I couldn't write anymore . . .Tibby took her place under my feet and I am not sure what place Ozzie took but he is here.

  13. I used to be a cat person, but then, I fell in love with Cocker Spaniels. I love having both a cat and dog. My cat hisses at everyone and doesn't let anyone in the house. And, my dog loves everyone and would let anyone in the house. Together, they make things very lively!

  14. I'm both, but rght now I only have a dog. He's a lab/german shepard mix and looks like a chocolate lab. He's very smart because figures out how to get things off the counters when no one is looking. He loves the squeaky toys but can destuff them in less than 5 min.


  15. Chai and Suki are lucky to be your furry friends, sounds like the love goes both ways as it should!
    As a child there was always a dog at my side, in my chair with me and sleeping by me at night. At one point we even had a daschund who loved to ride horses with us. He also liked to ride in the basket on my bike around the neighborhoods.
    Now there are two rescue cats who rule my days with their demands and a 14 year old Chihuahua who thinks he is a cat too!

    Our pets totally center our lives in so many ways, who doesn't love cuddling soft furry bodies every chance you get or laughing at the silly antics of a pet who wants attention and has no shame in doing crazy stuff in order to get it from you?

  16. The picture of Chai in your suitcase is adorable! I do like cats, but we have a dog at the moment. You are right that you love dogs and cats for different reasons. I love coming home and being greeted by my dog, he is always so happy to see me and ready for some affection. =)

  17. Awwww They R So Cute I HAve @ Cats My Self Who Always Gets Into Trouble lol. butterfli262002@yahoo.com

  18. Lol! Did Chai make it to any world hopping destinations? And how is it that a beloved pet can eat everything in the dish and barf up only the worm pill? Fun post, cute pics. :)

    C.K. Garner


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